Is The MGS V Voice Actor For Kaz A Character In Death Stranding?

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A clever expel of actors has been already reliable for Death Stranding, with some-more entrance as a project continues. For now we have 7 characters announced and, there’s a slim possibility that a voice actor of Kaz in Metal Gear Solid V will also be a partial of it.

The voice actor in contention is Robin Atkin Downes, who played a american voice of Kazuhira Miller in Phantom Pain. Hideo Kojima has already enclosed a voice actors of Paz, Chico, Ocelot and Solid Snake in Death Stranding. That creates us wonder. Is Kaze’s voice actor in it too?

Downes has common a few hints about Death Stranding on Twitter, reposting Kojima’s posts about his arriving video diversion and he’s personification us “like a damn fiddle”. In his latest post, Downes has common a judgment art of all announced characters, seeking if a Boss has some plan.

Another denote of Robin Atkin Downes being a impression in Death Stranding is a fact that he posted a design of him doing suit constraint in London, during a same time when Hideo Kojima was in city too. If that isn’t a clever denote afterwards what is? Luckily a friends on Reddit have been scooping all associated posts on Twitter, giving us a consistent feed of theories.

What Redditors trust is that Downes competence be a capturing indication and voice actor for Guillermo Del Toro’s character. While this is possible, we can’t unequivocally put together Del Toro with how a voice actor sounds. The voice actor has reposted Kojima’s judgment are for Del Toro as good so there’s a possibility that this is a box indeed.

There’s so most we still don’t know about Death Stranding. Even with all a trailers and information, we’re still in dim and, frankly, we like it. Part of a attract is a follow for hints and we’re all in for it.

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