Is it probable to feel happy and unhappy during a same time?

“I am both happy and unhappy during a same time, and I’m still confusing to figure out how that could be” — “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

Talk about churned emotions. A happy-sad state can be as confusing to people as to psychologists.

This is not about “smiling depression,” where someone feels romantic pain, yet masks those feelings with a happy façade. Rather, it’s truly experiencing those dual opposing emotions during once.

Khloe Kardashian recently tweeted about going by it when her baby reached a milestone.

Is it probable to feel happy and unhappy during a same time?

Jeff Larsen, a psychology highbrow during a University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has been confusing to answer that doubt for roughly 20 years.

“We positively have a whole garland of justification that it is possible,” Larsen told TODAY. “Typically, a romantic landscape is laid out in such a proceed that we’re feeling one or a other, or neither. There are places where we can feel both, and those places are few and distant between, yet they’re interesting.”

When he simply asks people if it’s probable to feel such mixed emotions, many people immediately contend “yes,” he noted, display how concept a knowledge is.


But Larsen takes a some-more systematic approach. In his experiments, he’s asked people to watch a shave from a bittersweet film — “Life is Beautiful,” starring Roberto Benigni, to be accurate — and press one symbol if they felt happy, another symbol if they felt sad, or both buttons during a same time if they felt both emotions during once. It incited out about half pulpy both happy and unhappy buttons during once, yet not for really long.

Larsen believes a knowledge is rare, yet possible. In other words, we customarily don’t feel happy and unhappy during a same time, yet we can feel that way.

Yale University psychology highbrow Laurie Santos, who is training an extraordinarily renouned march on how to be happy, concluded it’s probable for people to feel both certain and disastrous emotions during once.

“This is one of a reasons that many systematic beam for tension embody a apart dimension for certain tension and disastrous tension — they’re not a continuum,” Santos said.

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