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Alongside a recover of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and Royal Edition on consoles this week, Square Enix forsaken a FFXV Royal Pack enlargement for those who already possess a bottom game. Is it value it? Do we need it? That depends on that aspects of a diversion we suffer a most, as it will interest to some fans some-more than others.

ffxv stately container what's included New story additions come to Chapter 14 of ‘Final Fantasy XV’ in a Royal Pack expansion. Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV Royal Pack: What’s Included?

The Royal Pack retails for $14.99 on PS4 and Xbox One. Here’s Square Enix’s central outline of what you’ll get:

・ Insomnia City Ruins – new map heading true to a game’s climactic end

・ First-Person View – mode permitting players to see Eos by Noctis’s eyes

・ Armiger Unleashed – powered-up quarrel mode

・ Royal Cruiser – open-sea exploration, new fishing spots and recipes

・ Regalia Type-D – new merger and encouragement quests

・ Additional Trophies

While a full-game gold Royal Edition includes all a Season Pass DLC, the Royal Pack does NOT include Episode Ignis, Episode Prompto, Episode Gladio or a multiplayer Comrades expansion. The Royal Edition represents a flattering plain assets for those who haven’t nonetheless purchased a game. For those who already have a duplicate of FFXV, you’ll need both a Season Pass and a Royal Pack to have a homogeneous of a Royal Edition, a many finish collection of all a game’s DLC and reward content.

ffxv stately container vessel hijinks ‘FFXV’s chocobros get nautical on a Royal Vessel. Square Enix

Is a Royal Pack value a cash?

If we suffer fishing, wish to quarrel some additional bosses and see some-more of Insomnia and a game’s ancillary cast, it’s value a price. However, there are some caveats to a Royal Pack value temperament in mind before clicking that squeeze button.

Despite a really sharp aesthetics a Royal Vessel is a bit of a dud, unless we adore FFXV’s fishing minigame. On your spiffy new boat, we can take some photos, clear a new recipe, and locate some new fish. That’s fundamentally it. You can buy fishing reserve onboard, like a store in a Regalia menu. However, we can’t dump pins in a map to assistance we navigate like we can on land, that means a lot of toggling behind and onward between screens.

Enticed by a awaiting of new areas to try by sea, we was unhappy to find we can usually disembark during Altissia, Cape Caem and Galdin Quay. You’ll bask in a beauty of a immeasurable area of sea and sky, usually to keep bumping into invisible walls. Worse, they spin we around in such a approach that we finish adult carrying to toggle behind to a map again and again. There’s lots of forlorn islands dotting a stretched sea map, though we can’t indeed get to any of them, notwithstanding being a enchanting king with gigantic teleport powers. (You can’t go to Angelgard?! C’mon, man.)

ffxv stately container vessel fishing The Royal Pack gives players giveaway entrance to a Royal Vessel in ‘FFXV,’ though a perks are generally for anglers, not explorers. Square Enix

Thankfully, a new Insomnia calm offers distant some-more for FFXV fans to enjoy. Expect about 4 or 5 hours of gameplay to do everything, maybe some-more for completionist types. There’s some-more to do than in any of a formerly expelled impression DLC, including new side missions and bosses. There are a integrate discretionary secrecy areas, that we was not generally gratified to discover, though they’re candid adequate to be fun and not infuriating.

The Royal Pack vastly expands a city ruins, with fascinating view that lends heft to Noctis and his friends’ nostalgia for easier times. Newly combined ancillary impression cameos also give some-more dimension to a section of a diversion that felt bare-bones in a initial release, and pull some rewarding connectors to Season Pass calm and other aspects of a “FFXV Universe.”

While a new story elements mostly equivocate feeling bolted-on after a fact, accessing a new calm and integrating it into your categorical playthrough feels clumsily executed. In sequence to entrance a new cutscenes and reward bosses, you’ll have to go by a Chapter Select menu, select Chapter 14, and continue from there. While you’ll keep all your apparatus and swell from a ported save, we won’t keep any of your query or map data. This means if we call Umbra to go behind to Lucis, we won’t be means to fast-travel anywhere, since a diversion doesn’t “remember” you’ve been there. All of your hunt and sidequest information will also be gone. This competence be good for those looking to grub experience, though for a rest of us, it means gripping a apart set of saves usually to see a new Chapter 14 stuff.

If we wish many of a apparatus we can usually get in a new Insomnia map on your main/Chapter 15 save file, use Umbra to revisit Insomnia instead of a Chapter Select menu. That will concede we to collect some, though not all, of a new apparatus and apparatus accessible in a area. If it sounds needlessly difficult and annoying, that’s since it is. Hopefully this can be ironed out in a destiny patch.

The verdict: The estimable Insomnia additions clear a cost for doctrinaire FFXV fans and science buffs, though aspects of a Royal Pack might defect or perplex occasionally players. Since Square Enix will continue to recover new calm for FFXV via 2018, we’d adore to see a similar, destiny enlargement take on Tenebrae or other areas of a universe that there isn’t most possibility to try in a bottom game.  

Will we be picking adult a FFXV Royal Pack? What destiny expansions would we like to see for a game? Let us know in a comments.

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