Is Death Stranding Connected To Metal Gear Solid? Here Are Some Theories

If we are a fan of Metal Gear Solid and a designer behind it, Hideo Kojima, afterwards we competence have already spent a few hours digging into Death Stranding theories, trimming from hints in a trailers to Twitter posts to probable ARGs. Dig low adequate and we competence find a few connectors between a aged time favorite Metal Gear Solid and Kojima’s arriving title.

We strongly trust that Death Stranding is a new IP and a theories about it being a attempt for a prequel to a Metal Gear Solid authorization is roughly impossible. However, given some information that Hideo Kojima has supposing by his amicable media, we know that a thought of Death Stranding has been elaborating in his mind for years. All those years, he could be leaving trails about his ideas, presumably teasing fans, something that he favourite doing with past Metal Gear Solid titles too.

There are utterly a few connectors between Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding. Here are a few important theories that can be found on Reddit:

The Sorrow – Mads Mikkelsen

This speculation has distant too many connectors even yet zero of them is clever adequate to support a plain statement. The Sorrow, that served as a Boss quarrel – of sorts – in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, was a “Spirit Medium Soldier” that was “able to serve a dead” as a wiki page of a authorization points out. Sounds familiar?

The impression of Mads Mikkelsen in a second Death Stranding trailer controls a patrol of undead soldiers by cords. That’s not a usually tie between a dual though. Both have a same frightful far-reaching smile, a same “tear” underneath their right eye and they also use a same gestures.

Furthermore, during a Sorrow trainer quarrel Snake drowns in a stream when dying, in a same conform as Sam does in a third video of Death Stranding. There are a few other similarities yet they are so minor, that it would be a vital meltdown to try and bond them.

Psycho Mantis Floating in a Second Trailer

This one, if true, is a cold easter egg to one of a many iconic trainer fights of a Metal Gear Solid franchise. In a third trailer of Death Stranding, during a stage where a different entities appear, a murky figure looking only like Psycho Mantis can be seen. The similarity is so apparent that a figure has a legs placed in accurately a same approach as during a trainer quarrel in Metal Gear Solid.

The Boss – Ludens

Another interesting easter egg (possibly) is that of Ludens, a spaceman posing as a trademark for Kojima Productions bears some similarities to The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

The Boss was Snake’s coach and has utterly a backstory, during that she was sent to space on a mission, being a initial tellurian to set feet on a planet. After that, she fell into a six-month coma due to complications on her tour back, to that we can’t find any important connections.

However, notice how a gloves on a Ludens and Bosse’s uniforms are accurately a same:

We already know that Ludens is Norman Reedus so there’s zero some-more to go from there detached from a similarities in both uniforms. Nevertheless, it’s cold to see something associated to The Boss flitting on to Kojima Productions, even in this form.

Léa Seydoux – Les Enfants Terribles

This one is teenager yet too candid to pass up. Léa Seydoux, one of a categorical characters in Death Stranding has taken behaving classes during French play propagandize Les Enfants Terribles, that in a Metal Gear Solid star is a name given to a examination directed to produce clones of eminent soldier Big Boss. Crazy fluke there, right?

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Nuclear

Remember a MGS V: TPP trailer strain that was stranded in a heads, Nuclear? Its initial lyrics line contend “Standing on a corner of a crater”. Edge? Crater?


This mysterious series competence be joining all 3 vital games of Hideo Kojima. To be fair, there’s a whole ARG that a Reddit village has found out some-more about per this number, that was initial listened of in P.T Silent Hills, yet it stretches so distant that is unimaginable for this to have reached so far. The series could be listened on a radio in P.T and was after found as a cassette in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Did we consider that this was it? Clearly not. There’s a outrageous story behind a series itself, joining a games, Twitter and a uncanny print collecting and posting AI called Archillect, that frequently posts images that could describe to Death Stranding.

What’s engaging about this speculation is that we competence have a calendar for it. If Kojima indeed went into a specifics of formulating an ARG regulating Twitter as a messenger, we’ll know by December. Why is that though? As an engaging speculation video states, a Archillect AI posts photos on Twitter any 10 minutes, any of that is numbered on a possess website. The series 204863 competence be indicating to a destiny design that is believed to be uploaded on Dec 17th 2018. For what it’s worth, we should watch a video related above to see to what crazy levels Kojima fans have reached with their theories.

Remember that Kojima has already settled that Death Stranding will recover before a 2020 Olympics and many presumably before a launch of a Akira movie, that is believed to be in Jan of subsequent year. Taking all these into consideration, a series given in P.T forked to a cassette in MGS V, hinted a recover date of Death Stranding being on Dec 17th. A small fantastic yet not wholly crazy.

To give a speculation about Archillect some credibility, there’s some justification that this Twitter comment is somehow connected to Death Stranding. The comment has formerly uploaded an picture of white stripes on a black canvas, that shares a accurate same settlement with a Death Stranding trademark that we can see on a collage below. Can we theory what a posted picture right after that one was on Twitter? It was a black board with a series 204863 created on it.

This flattering most sums adult all a vital clues a Reddit village has on Metal Gear Solid being somehow connected to Death Stranding. If we are meddlesome in anticipating some-more uncanny and unfit theories about a game, we can check a Never Be Game Over subreddit. Have we beheld any similarities of your own? Let us know in a comments below.

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