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The dame Queen Tepe met me nearby a bustling bay in Final Fantasy XIV. “Will we be entrance to a mansion?” she asked me. “I’d conclude an escort,” we responded. Moments later, I’d accommodate 5 of them.

Tepe runs a strand brothel on a FFXIV server Hyperion. These 18+ adore dens exist on a raunchy role-play server Balmung and a populous server Leviathan as well. In them, players offer amorous role-play in sell for lofty fees. In private rooms, cat girls stretch out on beds with elves, humans, blue-skinned giants and other fantastical races personification out fantasies trimming from lighter subjugation transport to all things tentacles. Anything is probable in content chat, and what can’t be conveyed in difference is conveyed by emotes like /hug and /doze.


Tepe and we rode to her brothel, Tepe’s Treasures, on a behind of a feathered, white bird. Dressed in sunglasses and a red and black patched military-style jacket, Tepe looks some-more a partial of a ubiquitous than a madam. On a way, she told me that a thought to run a verbatim cathouse in-game started as a joke, a arrange of what-if unfolding that she laughingly done perceptible 3 years ago. Tepe’s aged guild accommodated a best it could, charging a scanty 15,000 gil for insinuate play. The front fast captivated a critical following. As time passed, Tepe satisfied she had to take it seriously, too. Diligently, Tepe began researching amorous role-play (ERP), fetishes and brothel-running protocols.

“I never half-ass anything,” she said.

Queen Tepe

Tepe led me into a palace and as a doors opened, 5 courtesans perched on a list solemnly suggested themselves, any wearing uniforms relating Tepe’s. “How competence we assistance you?” one said. The brothel was in service. In that two-hour window, Tepe explained, “people can come in with perceptibly a watchful period” to revisit whichever of Tepe’s 40 courtesans were online. Clients staying for thirty mins would compensate half a 100,000 gil price upfront. Downstairs, dozens of private bedrooms designed by those same courtesans, in a impression of a wooded prohibited cylinder enclave or a oppulance hotel room, were accessible for insinuate affairs.


Dorothy Haze, a concubine who dutifully followed us on a debate of a mansion, had usually dual weeks operative for Tepe underneath her belt, yet pronounced she’d done 4.4 million gil in clients—granted, that’s usually about $12 if purchased from a gil-farming site, yet a vast in-game sum by many players’ standards. Players who aren’t accessible to actively ERP will strip their avatars and module them to dance on theatre for a integrate of hours while they’re divided from their computers, receiving as many as 10,000 gil an hour for it. The income these courtesans make, many told me, goes right behind into decorating their bedrooms or is remade into gifts, like weapons or clothes, for their online friends. Tepe is upfront about what she does with her cut of a take. “I spend it all on my girls.”

Queen Tepe and Dorothy

I asked dual FFXIV courtesans on another server to uncover me how a for-money ERP event would typically begin. Here’s what they wrote.

He would solemnly spin his gawk toward Vel, a soothing grin combining opposite his lips. His arm nearest her would solemnly arise adult to run his palm along a core of her behind as he eased in closer to place a tiny lick on her cheek.

Mr. M

Her ears overlay behind kindly as she tries to hid a glow combining on her cheeks, tail swishing solemnly behind her as she leans her conduct to him, a tiny smile flourishing on her glossed lips.

Ms. k

Despite appearances, FFXIV courtesans don’t spin tricks on wordplay alone. Never had we met an avatar as fluent as Tepe. Her poise of a game’s display complement was clear. There were no conspicuous pauses between her avatar’s brash, assured essay and motions of “struts like a songbird,” “beams with delight,” or “does a Ranger Red pose.” Moment-to-moment, her avatar felt some-more like a live-action anime character, as against to anything that had ever left on a query or intended up.

Rooster Lollipops

I was awed by a lengths to that these online courtesans had left to emanate this illusion. My usually slow doubt was: Who does this?

When we asked around, a concubine Johbi’ya Jhosre pronounced he got into for-money ERP by his IRL partner of 10 years. Jhorse’s partner, he told me, plays “a womanlike concubine that is married to a womanlike miqo’te over there,” she said, gesturing to a actor portraying one of a game’s feline competition of avatars. “We’ve always confirmed that in-game is not IRL,” he said.

Jhosre says that ERP gives him a possibility to strew inhibitions he has and make a few friends along a way. Ms. K told me that she’s indeed lerned as an IRL dominatrix and has picked adult a few additional bucks punishment and spanking people after her day job. Since she already has an opening for her sexuality, she says, her sex work in FFXIV provides an opening for her writing.

Tepe’s Treasures

On a Leviathan server, a blond dame in a red cloak with tails by a name of Mistress led me on a debate of her brothel’s library, salon and private chambers. The palace had a burgundy hue, detailed with bullion and furs. In many rooms, stimulating cakes and treats were laid out. She referred to her courtesans as “the entertainment.” Up front, johns proceed Mistress’s call girls and boys with specific requests and fetishes. The dame accommodates, relating business to courtesans who competence share their interests.


The brothel is a flip side of a Leviathan server’s mafia, a organisation of players who role-play gangsters. Behind a groundwork stage, where a dancing cat lady in a black bikini topsy-turvy by her routine, was a mafia’s “sweatshop.” There, players crafted “bootleg” equipment that, since it’s a game, indeed work. When we was introduced to a brothel’s godfather, he sat alone in an oxblood-colored room, considering a fire. we asked either we could speak to him about a sex attention in FFXIV. All he pronounced was, “We only yield entertainment.”

Mr. M and Ms. K

The courtesans don’t divulge their real-life genders, even when asked. “If you’re a man personification a womanlike character, that’s your character. It shouldn’t matter to a customer what your tangible gender is,” Mistress explained. “That’s a categorical rule.” Mistress, who pronounced she is a stay-at-home mom with a 14-month old, pronounced she had “no reservations” about starting a brothel and spends her days kicking behind with a potion of booze and enjoying her empire.


Sex workers on FFXIV tend to be open about what’s off a list for them. It isn’t much: often, dismemberment, mutilation, necrophilia and what’s referred to as “age-play,” or sex between avatars of extravagantly opposite ages. Would-be business personification as a FFXIV race Lalafell, who resemble toddlers, are frequency serviced. That’s not to contend it doesn’t happen. Ms. K pronounced that, once, when somebody asked for an age-play session, “I looked during a screen, we smirked and we played true by it.”

At a finish my debate of Tepe’s Treasures on Hyperion, Tepe confided that she had never had an seductiveness in ERP before she’d started a brothel.


“I used to consider this was only ‘Smut for losers who can’t get a genuine girl,’ like many people,” she said. Now, she said, she gets it. It’s not about removing off, during slightest not entirely. It’s an consultant mode plea not wholly distinct finishing a high-level raid, yet in this case, it’s elucidate a essay nonplus that a diversion empowers even if it doesn’t categorically endorse.

“Half a times a customer comes in here, we have no passionate seductiveness in their fetishes,” she said. “I do it anyways, we learn their fetishes, figure out what creates them tick, and try to write it so good that nobody would know it wasn’t my fetish.”

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