‘Infernal Place’ value and collectibes locations – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End guide

In this Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End guide, we’ll assistance we find a two treasures in Chapter 2 “Infernal Place.”

We’ve orderly a guides by chapters. To find a section name, conduct to a categorical menu. When we select to continue your Story game, you’ll see a section series and name. (Unlike a prior games, a section name is not partial of your save file.) In a same menu, we can make certain we haven’t missed any collectibles in a Chapter Select option.

Chapter 2 starts in a jail and follows Nate by a aged Spanish jail ruins.

There’s no map in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, so for any of a collectibles below, we used print mode to wizz out and give we some context surrounding a value locations. Use a images to make certain you’re in a right area and a combined arrows to assistance we find your way.

Treasure: Panamanian Cat Pendant location

Treasure: Panamanian Cat Pendant collectible location
Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America around Polygon

After your tour by a prison, you’ll start streamer toward an area with a work bench. As we approach, stand down into a circuitously well. At a bottom of a ladder, spin around. The Panamanian Cat Pendant is during a finish of a brief hovel there.

Treasure: Navaja Folding Knife location

Treasure: Navaja Folding Knife collectible location.
Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America around Polygon

A lot of climbing and overhanging later, you’ll enter a hull of a jail tower. As shortly as we stand by a window into a tower, demeanour down and to your right. The Navaja Folding Knife is dark in a raise of rubble subsequent to a patch of object on a building subsequent you.

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