Indie stone journey No Straight Roads gets a new Aug recover date

You ever see a video diversion cocktail adult onto your timeline and we consternation only how a heck it managed to fly underneath your radar? No Straight Roads is one of those games for me, an indie stone tour featuring a twin of musicians holding a good quarrel to a flay of stone ‘n roll: Electronic Dance Music. It looks funky, it sounds even improved and a pairing of Mayday and Zuke looks like a best multiple of opinion and talent we could ask for in a universe left insane underneath a consistent tragedy of watchful for a drum to drop.

Developed by Metronomik and headed adult by Final Fantasy XV lead diversion engineer Wan Hazmer over a final 3 years, No Straight Roads was due for recover currently actually. That’s not happening, interjection to a large dick-punching illegitimate that is a Coronavirus pandemic, with Metronomik announcing final month that a diversion would be behind (Cheers Eurogamer).

This week, Metronomik took to a airwaves to lay down some uninformed new recover date sessions: Aug 25, for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. In box you’ve also missed out on a diversion amidst a hundreds of other titles that have hogged a recover date playlist, here’s a discerning sign of what No Straight Roads is all about:

Start a stone rope finish a EDM sovereignty in No Straight Roads, a rockin’ action-adventure from a minds of Wan Hazmer (Final Fantasy XV) and Daim Dziauddin (Street Fighter V). Explore Vinyl City quarrel low-pitched megastars on your tour to better rough EDM sovereignty ‘NSR’, in an action-packed tour that mashes together rhythm-infused third-person fight with a kick-ass soundtrack!

If we can’t wait that long, gooder news: There’s now a demo for No Straight Roads on The Epic Games Store, in box we feel like kicking some snob DJs right in a bass.

Last Updated: June 30, 2020

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