In Year Two, ‘Pokémon GO’ Needs More Significant Features Added Much Faster


Pokemon GO

We are about a month divided from a one year anniversary of Pokémon GO, flashing us behind to a time when a diversion utterly literally took over a universe during a launch. While a recognition has positively declined given those record-setting highs, a diversion stays impossibly renouned with millions of players worldwide. And in year dual we consider they’re all awaiting some-more than what they got in year one.

Half of year one was about Niantic coping with a large success of Pokémon GO, that distant exceeded even their wildest predictions. They were perplexing to constantly hurl a diversion out in new areas, all a while fighting to even simply keep it online, their servers buckling and mostly crashing underneath a weight of so many players. we remember we went to a live GO meet-up in downtown Chicago final summer with several thousand players that was literally diluted given of uninterrupted server errors.

The problem is that these technical issues took adult many of a year. The diversion indeed began to lose facilities for a while as Niantic figured out their authorised and technical limits. The circuitously tracker was radically erased from a diversion for a spell, and GO became unfit to play above a certain speed, even if we were only a newcomer in a automobile or bus.

It took a prolonged time, though finally a diversion started to supplement new features. The tracker returned and is now tied to PokeStops, and a new “buddy system” was implemented to concede players to sight specific Pokémon.


Pokemon GO

And…that’s it, really. Other than teenager tweaks, a PokeStop tracker and a friend complement unequivocally are a dual biggest “feature” additions to a game, while “content” additions would embody a admittedly expanded Gen 2, though that didn’t indeed move any new mechanics to a diversion other than a integrate new berry types. Pokémon GO has recently staid into a slight of monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) events that give players bonuses and boost certain spawns, though again, each time these events occur, they’re not nearing with any arrange of tangible automatic change to a game. It’s only a bit of content, and in some cases, some-more of an apparition of content.

We are allegedly ostensible to be on a hill of some flattering vital changes to a game, including a gym redo that I’m anticipating is expansive, though I’m not holding my breath. Everything I’ve seen so distant mostly seems to be about creation existent gyms reduction dull, ie. tying them to one form of Pokémon per gym, and formulating a new berry complement that requires players to contend their gyms so they can’t only lay on them forever. Both competence be good ideas, though is that unequivocally going to change how gyms feel? Will a disproportion be significant? It’s tough to say.

Everyone has high hopes for Legendary Pokémon events, that might be centered around some arrange of in-game raid activity, that would be truly a initial vital “in a world” change to a diversion given launch, given that a friend complement is some-more of an prolongation of existent egg mechanics. How these raids might work is still unclear, though potentially players might rope together to take down/capture Legendaries.

This would be great, though again, I’m awaiting a lot some-more from Pokémon GO in year two, and we consider players are as well. Remember Niantic articulate ages ago about PvP battling and trade entrance to a game? What happened to that?


Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO has a intensity to develop into something truly great, and hopefully now that Niantic has reduction uninterrupted technical issues to understanding with, we’re going to see a lot some-more in year two. But when we speak about adding facilities to a games, we don’t meant tweaking a gym complement so it has somewhat aloft turnover, I’m articulate about big things. I’m articulate about adding NPCs that parent in a furious or in weekly plea events. I’m articulate about mini-games that let we sight your Pokémon in ways other than marching in a true line for a hundred kilometers. I’m articulate about real, estimable changes and additions to a game, a likes of that we unequivocally have not seen during all in a initial year, with one or dual teenager exceptions.

Niantic has a resources to make this work now, it’s only a matter of holding all that income and branch it into something actionable to assistance enhance a diversion and take it to a new level. They have arrived during summer once again with no critical competitors in this genre they radically have all to themselves. Player seductiveness is still high compared to many other mobile games, and fans are failing for new calm and new things to do in a game.

Niantic keeps earnest a outrageous summer, and we wish they deliver. Not only there, though in a whole year to come.

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