I Opened 100 ‘Overwatch’ Summer Games 2017 Loot Boxes And Got Every Single Legendary Skin For Once



We are entering a new epoch in Overwatch, as in year two, a game’s events will start to repeat themselves and turn annual, that is what we’re saying currently with Summer Games 2017.

The strange eventuality final year was tied to a Summer Olympics, yet even yet those have come and gone, an athletic-themed Overwatch eventuality remains, and with it come new skins and prizes buried in rob boxes.

There was usually one little trickle forward of today’s even, a brief glance of what appears to be a Mercy skin formed on a Greek enchantress Nike, that was posted by a Chinese site. But a rest of a skins have remained underneath wraps until now. (Update: literally as we write this, skins have been leaking out all over a place in a final hour).

As is tradition, we will be shopping and opening 100 rob boxes on day one here so we can see what that kind of investment is expected to get you. This time, however, my pulls should be different, given that this is a initial eventuality where Overwatch has instituted their “fewer duplicates” system. Unlike Hearthstone that has criminialized Legendary duplicates altogether, Overwatch has usually severely reduced a contingency of removing a repeat item, a complement that has been tested with unchanging rob boxes before this.

This is good news for a Summer Games eventuality especially, since a aged Tracer, Zarya and Lucio skins from final year are also in a rob pool, and we would be bummed to get those mixed times when there are new skins to find. I’m not utterly certain how many new Legendary skins there are going into this, yet there were eleven in a Anniversary event, so I’m guessing during a unequivocally least, there are approach some-more than final year.

Shall we? Here we go.



(some time passes)

Alright, here’s what we got. Wow:

Sprays – 15

Voice Lines – 37

Icons – 36

Victory Poses – 17

Emotes – 2

Highlight Intros – 8

Summer Games 2017 Legendary Skins – 7, 1x Soldier 76, 1x Sombra, 1x Widowmaker, 1x McCree, 1x Junkrant, 1x Reaper, 1x Mercy

Old Summer Games Legendary Skins – 1, 1x Zarya

Old Summer Games Epic Skins – 7

Old Legendary Skins – 4

Gold Piles – 3

Gold from duplicates – 5,800

Thank God for this new no-duplicate era.

I got them all. In 100 boxes, we got all 7 of a new Summer Games Legendary skins with 0 duplicates, a one we missed from final year (one of a Zarya recolors) and 4 bottom diversion skins that were also not duplicates. This is a initial time we have ever gotten all a Legendaries in one of these box openings, and we have 5,800 additional bullion on tip of it all.



This complement is infinitely some-more rewarding than a approach things used to work, and we have to trust fans are going to respond good to it. we adore this change, and wish it’s never reversed. Finally, rob boxes feel value a time or income we spend to get them.

As for a skins? we competence do a full ranking sequence later, yet a many sought-after will certainly be shirtless McCree and bikini Widowmaker, yet Mercy’s Nike skin is great, and Soldier’s father skin is hilarious. Not as many a fan of a Reaper/Junkrat skins. I’m still perplexing to figure out what Sombra’s is ostensible to be.

The usually duplicates we got were epics from final year’s Summer Games, a recolors for a opposite countries. And afterwards usually some icons and sprays, yet even those, for a many part, were not duplicates, and I’m unequivocally starting to fill in my blank equipment from both Summer Games and a bottom game. As we said, this new complement is great.

If you’re wavering about spending income or harsh for boxes, I’m here to tell we that this new complement creates it inestimable if we adore collecting skins like we do. You can’t unequivocally do improved than zero Legendary duplicates, and we extol Blizzard for this move.

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