I fell down some stairs and now I’m personification Final Fantasy XV on my phone


Square Enix

My name is Sean, and final week, we fell down some stairs and messed adult my leg. Then this happened:

(Spoiler alert: a whole lot of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition)

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition’s intro cutscene was over before we got called in for X-rays, withdrawal me with zero to do though twitter about it.

I wasn’t totally sold, though a PlayStation 4 chronicle of a diversion had dug a hooks in me so low that it indeed tricked me into shopping Cup Noodles. Damn product placement. Damn nostalgia. Damn it all: we only had to keep playing.

At slightest a initial ambience (no, not of a noodles) is free.

I can’t confirm on my own. Please help.

My leg is fine, by a way. Mostly.

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