I brave we to not listen to Chumbawamba while examination this Zelda: Breath of a Wild clip

♫ we get knocked down ♫

[BoTW] When they get a timing juuuust right from r/zelda

Over a year! 418 days to be exact. That’s how prolonged it’s been given Zelda: Breath of a Wild launched, and I’m still anticipating overwhelming videos. we know I’ve been observant that a lot lately, and I’m perplexing to come adult with new ways to share a view (the accurate day thing took me a bit), though it’s still extraordinary nonetheless.

This shave from Zenotha is officious hilarious, as two Guardian Skywatchers managed to somehow pinpoint Link and ideally stunlock him after a whiffed deflection. Chumbawamba immediately came to mind and desirous this story — that we can listen to next — we substantially won’t appreciate me though it does raise a video.

Fun fact: Chumbawamba finished in 2012. That’s been your Chumbawamba fun fact of a year. There competence be another one in 2020 if people are still creation Zelda videos.

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