I can’t stop listening to this synthwave cover of Final Fantasy XIV’s latest trainer theme

4.3 low-pitched spoilers

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn continues to broach when it comes to inestimable updates, as it should given a subscription-based format.

Just this past week 4.3 crept onto a scene, bringing in a store of new calm as good as a new primal (kind of like a serve or Esper/Eidolon) — and with it, another flog donkey trainer thesis that deserves to be put into a pantheon of good Final Fantasy music. It’s really one of a some-more problematic forms of covers I’ve found, though musician dutyyaknow crafted a synthwave chronicle of Wayward Daughter, a latest track, and it’s fantastic. For comparison’s sake here’s a tangible theme.

With a arise of media like Stranger Things, Drive, and even Vice Principals synthwave  has been saying a arrange of revival, and I’m amatory it.

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