Hydaelyn International Community Group Celebrating Final Fantasy XIV with a 2-Day Event

Beginning currently and using for 48-hours, a Hydaelyn International Community Group is celebrating a fifth anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV. The 2-day eventuality will underline “live streamers, digital artists, cosplayers and more”. In further a contingent of in-game activities will take place including a beauty contest, an epic Parkour muster and “opportunities to get an in-game mural by tip screenshotters in XIV”.

Leader and owner of Hydaelyn International, Vari Cray has been a fan of a diversion for many years: “My adore for a authorization started with a attainment with Final Fantasy VII for me as a Swede behind in 1997. I’m in adore with Final Fantasy XIV, it’s community, diversion calm gameplay. we dedicate each singular day to a diversion around several village projects, streaming or only personification a game, assembly with FFXIV friends in genuine life attending all events that we can.”

The eventuality will be streamed on Discord. You can also keep lane by visiting the eventuality Twitter.

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