Hundreds of KC Pokémon Go players to make Poke-pilgrimage to tellurian fest in Chicago

Jim Zimmerman was all set to plunk down $20 for this weekend’s worldwide anniversary jubilee of Pokémon Go.

But afterwards tickets sole out in reduction than an hour.

“I was pissed,” pronounced Zimmerman, 46, of Overland Park. So he found another source. “I paid some-more than 200 bucks for my ticket, yet we wasn’t going to skip it.”

Zimmerman is one of hundreds of players locally and thousands from around a universe streamer to a sold-out Pokémon Go Fest on Saturday in Chicago’s Grant Park.

The all-day eventuality offers special rewards and hurdles and hang-out areas to accommodate teammates from around a world.

“We are all handling on faith, honestly,” pronounced Julius Wells, 29, of Overland Park. “When we buy a tickets we don’t unequivocally know anything about a eventuality other than it’s on a Saturday in Chicago. Details have leaked out slowly, yet still zero is concrete, yet people are still peaceful to compensate for it.”

A year after a mobile app pennyless annals on a debut, a creator, Niantic, still boasts 65 million active players in a month (though Forbes points out they’re not personification each day as they once were). Still, a diversion seems to be abounding around a universe and in Kansas City.

More than 15,000 fans go to a Facebook page “Pokemon Go KC.” And Wells estimates a integrate of hundred Kansas City players will make a seven-hour, 500-plus-mile event to a Pokémon Go betrothed land.

On this day, a feverishness index warning doesn’t stop KC’s many heated players. Eight friends mount nearby a effervescent fountain on a Country Club Plaza — eyes bound on their phones, fingers fast tapping.

A white SUV pulls up, and a male leans out. “Did we skip it?”

“Yeah, sorry, we only started,” one of a guys responds. “But there’s another not too far. We can accommodate we over there.”

They’re holding advantage of a new diversion underline denounced for a anniversary: a raid, where adult to 20 players can join army to take down a absolute Pokémon during a certain plcae — in this box a red clay fountain. The raids move people together and force collaboration.

“People ask all a time, ‘You still play this?’ ” pronounced Shane Reynolds, 35. “I’m like, ‘Yeah, there are hundreds of us.’ 

Reynolds, a Lenexa proprietor and zealous actor from a beginning, has rented a automobile to make a expostulate with 6 other players (for we Pokémon Go players, they’re all Team Valor).

Jeremy Crewe, 31, will be make-up his possess automobile full of other friends to conduct to Chicago. He changed to Lenexa from “redneck hickville” North Carolina a few months before a app launched.

“I used it to try a city and accommodate people, people we would never have met outward this game, people that come over to my residence for barbecue,” Crewe said.

He’s vehement to do some-more of a same in Chicago and to accommodate people from around a world.

He pronounced that since fewer people are personification a diversion a early server issues have been bound and the village has grown stronger. Some of the many active players use a app some-more than 5 hours a day.

Wells pronounced players camber each age group, race, sacrament and passionate orientation. It’s some-more than a diversion to him, and to a players peaceful to expostulate to Chicago.

“Pokémon Go literally permeates each different organisation we could presumably imagine,” Wells said. “It’s a abounding community, and KC is going to uncover adult and paint in Chicago.”

Jacob Gedetsis: 816-234-4416, @jacobgedetsis

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