Huge ‘Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Leak Allegedly Reveals 10 More New Characters

Nintendo’s already announced a handful of new characters for a Smash Bros. Ultimate roster given divulgence a diversion behind in June, yet if a new trickle is any indication, a reveals could start entrance discerning and mad flattering soon.

According to one purported insider who claims to have entrance to a arriving Prima Games beam for Smash Bros. Ultimate, there are still 10 some-more characters nonetheless to be announced.

According to this Smash Bros. Ultimate leak, Nintendo is distant from finished announcing new characters, and given they’re all allegedly mentioned in a beam it’s doubtful any of these are designed as post-release downloadable content. So if this trickle is accurate (and that’s a large if) afterwards we can design Nintendo to announce all these additions to a Smash Bros. Ultimate register before a diversion drops on Dec 7 — unless it’s saving some as a surprise.

Here’s a discerning relapse of a leaked Smash Bros. Ulltimate characters, ranked (unscientifically) from many to slightest likely.

smash ultimate leaks register kensmash ultimate leaks register ken
Ken in ‘Smash Bros. Ultimate’???

Ken (Echo)

The Street Fighter impression has been display adult in *Smash Bros. Ultimate leaks and rumors for a while now. There’s even an allegedly leaked picture of him in a game. Making Ken an Echo warrior formed off Ryu would also be a comparatively easy approach to enhance a register and give Capcom fans another warrior to base for.

pokemon gen 7 Incineroar pokemon gen 7 Incineroar


Another popular rumor, this Fire-type cat Pokémon is a final expansion of Pokémon Sun and Moon starter Litten. The latest games in a Pokémon authorization are firm to get some arrange of shoutout in Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Incineroar seems as good an choice as any.

Dixie Kong

After bringing Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze to a Switch, it seems expected that another DK impression could be fasten a Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. Dixie is as good a choice as any, with her possess singular impression and attacks that could interpret good into a code new fighter.


Hailing from a SNES classical Super Mario RPG, Geno is a hexed puppet — don’t worry, he’s one of a good guys. This register further also lines adult with rumors that a Square Enix impression could be fasten a quarrel given a Final Fantasy developer also teamed adult with Nintendo to emanate this game.



There’ve been copiousness of leaks and conjecture that Nintendo could supplement a Minecraft impression to a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, and Steve is as good an choice as any. As one of a starting impression skins to select from he’s now recognizable, and bringing Minecraft mechanics into a Smash star sounds like a lot of fun too.

vault boyvault boy
Vault Boy

Vault Boy

Another third-party register rumor, a Fallout array mascot would be an astonishing further to a Smash Bros. Ultimate register — yet that doesn’t meant it’s out of a doubt entirely. We already know that Fallout developer Bethesda has talked to Nintendo about Smash Bros. Ultimate, and with Fallout 76 rising shortly this seems like a apparent choice. Plus, regulating all those retro-future weapons from Fallout opposite Mario and Link sounds awesome.

Shadow (Echo)

Adding Shadow a Hedgehog to Smash Bros. Ultimate as a close-copy of Sonic seems like an apparent win for both Nintendo and Sega, yet I’m not assured it will happen. Nintendo’s never given Sonic many love, and adding him to a register Smash Bros. Brawl felt like some-more of a feat path over long-time opposition Sega than a partnership. Then again, anything’s possible.

Mach Rider

The star of a NES racing diversion (also called Mach Rider) would make an engaging further to Smash Bros. Ultimate, yet it feels like a longshot. There’s also a fact that many complicated gamers substantially don’t know who this man is, yet fans of a strange pretension would substantially adore to see Mach Racer journey into a fighting game’s roster.

Black Knight (Echo)

This Fire Emblem warrior is already a prize in a Smash universe, so it’s not impossible. He’s also flattering opposite from a rest of a Fire Emblem lineup, that would be a lovely change from all a lightweight sword wielders. Then again, there’s already too many Fire Emblem fighters in Smash, and it’s also misleading who a Black Knight would be an relate of.

Black Shadow (Echo)

Another prize impression potentially watchful in a wings, Black Shadow from F-Zero would presumably be an relate of Captain Falcon with a somewhat altered moveset. Then again, Nintendo hasn’t given a classical racing array many courtesy for a while now, and unless we’re also removing a new entrance in a long-defunct authorization it seems doubtful we’ll see Black Shadow join this quarrel anytime soon.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches Dec 7 for Nintendo Switch.

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