How to Unlock an Extra Chapter Tier Skip in Battlefield 5 Chapter 6

Matt Morgans
3 weeks ago

This week, DICE is charity Battlefield 5 players a approach to clear a giveaway Chapter Tier Skip, as a prerogative for completing ‘We Happy Few,’ a latest Weekly Challenge of Chapter 6. Of course, a plea also gives players a approach to acquire copiousness of additional Chapter XP, creation it easier to swell adult a Chapter Ranks.

Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 Weekly Challenge: We Happy Few

As always, we can use a design nodes on a Weekly Challenge shade in-game to matchmake directly into a playlist. This week, a ‘We Happy Few’ plea matchmakes to a Squad Conquest playlist. This playlist includes Squad Conquest on a Al Sundan, Iwo Jima, Lofoten Islands, Pacific Storm, Provence, Solomon Islands, and Wake Island maps. The nodes themselves this week are comparatively few and comparatively simple. However, they do offer a sum sum of 96,000 Chapter XP.

  • Contact! (5,000 XP); For a initial design node of We Happy Few, we hardly need to do anything. All we need to do is kill a singular enemy!
  • Clear! (14,000 XP); Ramping things adult a bit from Contact!, a Clear! node requires we to constraint a sum of 2 Objectives.
  • Dig In! (5,000 XP); Another comparatively easy one, a Dig In! design requires we to build a sum of 5 Fortifications. If we concentration on operative by a nodes, we competence good be means to finish Contact!, Clear!, and Dig In! in a singular match.
  • Hostiles Incoming (14,000 XP); This design requires we to work together with your squadmates to kill a sum of 25 enemies.
  • Defensive Positions! (14,000 XP); For this objective, you’ll need to play as possibly a Recon or Support. To finish it, we need to acquire a sum of 7,500 measure while personification as those dual classes.
  • Kings of a Hill (14,000 XP); It creates ideal clarity to use a matchmaking functionality of a design nodes on this one. After all, Kings of a Hill requires we to win 2 rounds of Squad Conquest.
  • Act as One (30,000 XP); The final design this week, and a largest, this node requires we to finish a sum of 15 patrol orders. Once we finish Act as One, you’ll finish a plea and acquire yourself a Chapter Tier Skip as your reward.

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