How to Stop Pokemon Go (or other apps) From Stealing Audio Focus

Despite shrinking in popularity, Pokemon Go still has a ton of fans personification a diversion each day. Although many of a game’s issues have been related to cheating, there are other, some-more teenager ones that provoke existent users. One such emanate is associated to audio concentration in Android. Users who like to listen to song or podcasts when personification Pokemon Go find that audio playback immediately halts when they launch a game. This requires users to manually restart playback on their favorite media app such as Google Play Music, Spotify, or PocketCasts. Today, I’m going to uncover we how to stop Pokemon Go (or any other app) from dark permanent audio concentration – without root.

What happens when Pokemon Go launches is that it requests audio focus from a system, definition any existent media playback over a same volume tide will be ducked. The emanate here is that Android’s audio concentration relies on an respect complement among applications. Android does not collect and select that applications should be prioritized to reason focus, instead it relies on applications requesting and releasing concentration as needed. Thus, since Pokemon Go requests audio concentration when it launches, other applications can’t stop it from holding over a media volume.

Some applications such as Poweramp or Podcast Addict have initial settings to reason on to audio concentration to forestall other apps from dark it away, though apparently many media applications out there do not. Some users have come adult with their possess approach to keep audio concentration by a use of Tasker profiles, that is something we expected would have attempted if there wasn’t a improved approach – though thankfully there is. It involves a use of a dark ADB authority to entrance a authority line interface for Android’s accede government complement famous as appops. With a singular command, we can stop Pokemon Go (or any other app) from holding audio concentration ever again!

The process we are regulating here is directed during stock, unrooted users who are not regulating any arrange of tradition ROM. Custom ROM users, such as those on LineageOS, might have entrance to a some-more absolute accede control process that lets them bypass a need for this command.

Stop Pokemon Go from Taking Audio Focus – Tutorial

  1. Download afterwards implement USB drivers for your device – many expected usually required if on Windows.
  2. Download the ADB binary for your OS and remove a record to any folder on your PC.
  3. On your phone, open Settings afterwards find a “About Phone” option.
  4. Scroll down to find a “Build Number” value and daub on it 7 times, enabling Developer Mode.
  5. Back to a categorical menu in Settings, enter Developer Options.
  6. Enable USB Debugging Mode here, as shown below.
  7. Plug your phone into your PC and on your phone change a USB mode from “charge only” mode to “file send (MTP)” mode.
  8. Back to a PC, navigate to where we extracted a ADB binary.
  9. Open a Command Prompt in this ADB directory. On Windows, a easiest process to do this is to press Shift+Right-click. In a context menu, select a “open authority window here” option. Mac or Linux users, open a Terminal.
  10. Enter a following command: adb devices
  11. This will start the ADB daemon. If this is your initial time regulating ADB, we will see a prompt seeking we to sanction a connection. Allow it.
  12. Re-run a authority from step 10 and you’ll see a sequence series of your device in a output. If so, pierce on to a subsequent step. If not, re-install your drivers.
  13. (Optional): if we wish to shorten an app other than Pokemon Go from carrying audio focus, afterwards implement a App Inspector app and find a package listed underneath a app’s name.
  14. Send a following command: adb shell
  15. Then govern this command: cmd appops set package TAKE_AUDIO_FOCUS ignore. So for example, for Pokemon Go a authority would be: cmd appops set com.nianticlabs.pokemongo TAKE_AUDIO_FOCUS ignore

    Example: Command used for Pokemon Go

    Update: if a above authority is not operative for you, try incompatible “cmd” from a command. I’ve been conference that this might be indispensable if we are regulating on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or earlier.

  16. As prolonged as we don’t get an blunder summary in a window, it should have worked. Congratulations! Now Pokemon Go won’t stop Google Play Music, Spotify, PocketCasts, or any other app from personification on tip of it!


As mentioned during a beginning, we are regulating a authority line to interface with appops, that is Android’s user-facing complement for doing app permissions. By default, there are usually a handful of permissions that users can toggle by a Settings UI. Certain tradition ROMs (such as LineageOS with a Privacy Guard) display some-more permissions we can restrict, though for unrooted users a usually approach to hoop these permissions is by a authority line.

Anyways, a sold accede we are restricting is android.permission.TAKE_AUDIO_FOCUS that any concentration that requests it in their AndroidManifest.xml record is postulated automatically on installation. Thanks to a above appops command, we can take divided this accede from Pokemon Go, definition it can no longer ask audio concentration and so can no longer stop other song or podcast apps on your phone from playing.

Although a educational above is directed during Pokemon Go users, technically we can do a same thing for any other app. Just cgange a name of a package in step #15 with whatever other app we want. Just be clever we don’t go around restricting this accede all willy nilly, since Google intentionally hid this accede from being limited so users wouldn’t disaster things up.

See other good tutorials like this in a tutorials category. Stay adult to date on a latest news with a XDA Labs application.

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