How to Pick Your Job in ‘Final Fantasy XIV Online’

In serve to a standard category complement found in role-playing games, Final Fantasy XIV Online facilities a pursuit complement that unlocks additional skills and specialized pursuit gauges that concede we to serve customize your play style.

But what pursuit to pick? Let FANDOM be your beam with these useful impression comparisons.

Fans of Honor: Paladin

Fans of nobleness will find copiousness to like in a paladin, who assign fearlessly into conflict with sword and invulnerability and find to strengthen their charges during all costs. To be a paladin is to protect, and those who select this pursuit will be constituent to their party’s defense, generally with a Last Bastion extent break, that reduces all repairs taken by celebration members by 50% for 12 seconds. The paladin’s skills raise their tanking abilities, permitting them to self-heal or temporarily describe themselves cool to many attacks, and they advantage a Oath Gauge, that can be used to govern absolute abilities.

Class Prerequisite: Gladiator

Fans of Fearsomeness: Warrior

Those who cite beast force fighting should check out a warrior, whose uncontrollable force strikes fear in any foe. These fearsome combatants lift greataxes and, like a paladin, possess a extent mangle that allows them to revoke all repairs taken by celebration members. Compared to a paladin, warriors are some-more assertive attackers, forgoing any celebration reanimate outcome in preference of pristine repairs output, mostly toeing a line between life and death. They advantage a Beast Gauge, that can be used to boost vicious strike or resist rates and unleash heartless attacks.

Class Prerequisite: Marauder

Fans of Vigilantes: Dark Knight

If we admire a vigilante proceed to justice, demeanour to a dim knight, who urge a downtrodden outward of a sequence of law. The dim horseman is a tank job, like a soldier and a paladin, though they use sorcery to interpose their fearsome claymores and strike down foes with a energy of darkness, creation them glorious during throng control. Their Dark Force extent mangle also reduces repairs taken by celebration members for a brief generation of time, and their Blood Gauge records when Grit is active, that reduces repairs taken though also reduces repairs dealt and increases a odds enemies will conflict you.

Class Prerequisite: None

Fans of Kung Fu: Monk

If punches and kicks are some-more your style, go for a monk, who are also means of unusual earthy feats. They are nimble hand-to-hand fighters who unleash a flurry of kicks and punches opposite their enemies from all sides. Their extent mangle is Final Heaven, that executes a harmful singular aim attack. Becoming a priest unlocks dual new gauges: a Lightning Gauge, tracking a remaining generation of Greased Lightning, that stacks to boost potential and conflict speed, and a Chakra Gauge, that marks how many Chakra have been non-stop so that a priest can broach a insanely absolute Forbidden Chakra attack.

Class Prerequisite: Pugilist

Fans of Dragons: Dragoon

If we suffer aggressive from a skies, try a dragoon, who swing a pierce and use nimble attacks as they try to take down dragons. These knights preference aerial combat, with a concentration on accurate penetrative attacks. They also have a combined advantage of providing application for celebration members, while dishing out fatal repairs in dungeons and raids with clever jumping attacks and diving attacks with their polearms. They precedence a Dragonsong Dive extent break, that like a monk’s delivers a large singular aim attack, and their special Dragon Gauge marks a generation of their Blood of a Dragon buff, that increases a potential of their burst attacks and allows them to clear their harmful Nastrond attack.

Class Prerequisite: Lancer

Fans of Ninjas: Ninja

If we suffer distinguished silently from a shadows, check out a ninja, who manipulate a vicious energies of a land, a air, and vital beings to fast strike their enemies with daggers. Ninjas are all about secrecy and subterfuge, and they can urge a altogether celebration repairs in dungeons and raids by sensitively debilitating foes and buffing celebration members. Their extent mangle is a Chimatsuri, that unleashes a absolute conflict that can hook a waves of conflict to your will. They clear a Huton Gauge, that marks a generation of their Huton ability, a clean that allows them to conflict with larger speed, and a Ninki Gauge, that can be powered adult to unleash harmful attacks.

Class Prerequisite: Rogue

Fans of Katanas: Samurai

Fans of pointy blades and respect codes should ride to a samurai, eminent swordsmen whose philosophy have strengthened them for centuries. The samurai were introduced in a Stormblood enlargement with a red mage, and like a real-life samurai of legend, they swing katanas for heartless close-range attacks. They are rarely mobile, means to muster a flurry of combos opposite single-target enemies or strike for large area-of-effect damage. Their extent mangle is a Doom of a Living, an greatly absolute singular aim attack, and they use a Sen Gauge, that marks a series of Sen they have accessible for a Iaijutsu quick-draw weaponskills.

Class Prerequisite: None

Fans of a Darkness: Black Mage

If you’re enraptured by a darkness, try out a black mage, agents of extinction wielding forlorn power. Adventurers who take a black will turn means of annihilating those who conflict them by small some-more than a force of their will. They are spellcasting powerhouses wielding a powers of a elements. Their extent mangle is Meteor, that brings down a nasty area-of-effect conflict on your enemies. Black mages advantage entrance to a Elemental Gauge, that records either they are now underneath a change of Astral Fire or Umbral Ice and their compared buffs.

Prerequisite: Thaumaturge

Fans of Flashy Attacks: Summoner

If we wish we could call onward large creatures to quarrel for you, aim for a summoner, who can connect obtuse beings to their will. Summoners can process a hint of a primal or serve a primals themselves, like a massively overwhelming Demi-Bahamut. Their dual singular gauges, Aetherflow and Trance, both work to energy adult a Bahamut summon. And a extent mangle they implement is a Teraflare, that targets a organisation of enemies with a large attack.

Class Prerequisite: Arcanist

Fans of Looking Classy: Red Mage

Those who suffer giving their friends a second possibility and demeanour good while doing so will find lots to like in a red mage, who find to quarrel behind opposite a rising tides of destruction. Introduced with a samurai in a Stormblood expansion, a red mages understanding large repairs by joining mixed spells with Dualcast and following them adult with m�lange attacks. They also yield pivotal celebration buffs by wielding both black and white sorcery and have a energy to revitalise other players. Their extent mangle Vermillion Scourge deals poignant repairs in an AOE attack, identical to a summoner and a black mage, and they advantage entrance to a Balance Gauge, that marks a accumulation of black and white magic.

Class Prerequisite: None

Fans of Music: Bard

Bards in Final Fantasy XIV Online swing a crawl improved than they swing an instrument, creation them a ideal pursuit for those who adore to sound a tune. They deplane from a bowmen of aged times, who sang in a feverishness of conflict to waken a spirits of their companions and extend assent to those who were coming death. Their extent mangle is Sagittarius Arrow, that deals repairs to a line of enemies in front of you, and they clear a Song Gauge and concomitant songs, that boost vicious strike rate for celebration members while buffing adult a minstrel as well.

Class Prerequisite: Archer

Fans of Ammo: Machinist

If you’re some-more informed with FPS games than anticipation games, you’ll like a machinist, a mobile, ranged pursuit that uses guns as their categorical weapon. Unlike a bard, they are some-more focused on pristine DPS. They understanding repairs by both their firearms and by deploying automatic turrets on a battlefield. Their extent mangle is Satellite Beam, that like a bard’s targets enemies in a line for poignant damage. Machinists clear a Ammunition Gauge, that displays a volume of special ammunition available, and a Heat Gauge, that marks a heat of their weapons and provides a brief repairs boost when overheated.

Class Prerequisite: None

Fans of Healing: White Mage

Those who suffer recovering classes should try a white mage, who work tirelessly to save companions. Those who select white a mage pursuit will be master healers, means to broach companions from even a some-more apocalyptic of afflictions. But they can also plate out complicated repairs by channeling “purer” magics like Holy, Aero, and Earth. Their extent mangle is Pulse of Life, that revives any KO’d celebration members and restores all HP and MP of circuitously celebration members, and their singular Healing Gauge marks a series of lilies available, used to revoke recast time.

Class Prerequisite: Conjurer

Fans of Knowledge: Scholar

Scholars get energy from knowledge, creation this a inestimable pursuit for those who wish to quarrel with some-more than swords alone. Like a white mage, they’re a recovering class, excelling in repairs slackening for celebration members. They still reason their possess on a battlefield, however, autocratic spell-weaving faeries to reanimate a bleeding and accelerate a strength of your allies. They precedence a Angel Feathers extent break, that entirely heals any celebration members surrounding you, and a Aetherflow and Faerie gauges, that build adult in sequence to govern absolute actions like Energy Drain and Excogitation, that when expel on a celebration member restores HP when their sum HP drops next 50%.

Class Prerequisite: Arcanist

Fans of a Stars: Astrologian

Those who suffer frequently reading their horoscope will suffer personification a astrologian, who are masters of foreknowledge and work best as support on a battlefield, sketch cards to clean repairs and reanimate or strengthen allies. Like a machinist, a astrologian was introduced with a Heavensward expansion. Their extent mangle is Astral Stasis, that like a extent breaks of a white mage and academician dramatically heals circuitously celebration members, and their singular Arcana Gauge marks that label clean is now in effect.

Class Prerequisite: None

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