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You might have thrown yourself into a Resident Evil 7: First Hour demo with a passion of a dog refusing to go to a vet. You know we have to go, though you’re already scared.

If like me, we tentatively crept around a Plantation Mansion frightened that, during any moment, you’re going to be given a startle of your life, we substantially rushed it and didn’t comprehend until a finish that we got a bad ending.

The BAD ending?! Of a demo? You meant we have to go by all of that again with a mannequins that I know were relocating around adult in a integument to get a good ending? Okay. But we don’t unequivocally wish to.

If we don’t wish to go by a pain and torture of reckoning out how to do this yourself, here’s a beam on how to get a good finale in a Resident Evil 7 First Hour demo, accessible on Xbox One and Steam. Be warned, there are copiousness of spoilers for demo events herein.

Note: Resident Evil 7 First Hour demo is a totally stand-alone project, it is not deputy of a final product, and a purpose is to showcase a prophesy Capcom had for a contingent launch.

The TRUE finale – All equipment and murder locations

  1. You arise adult in what we’ll call a TV room for apparent reasons (it has a TV in it). The initial thing to do is conduct to a fireplace.
  2. Pull a lever that opens a territory of wall in a same room.
  3. Go into a tip room by crouching (click in RS) and grab a fuse that is on a list to a left behind a door.
  4. Go behind into a TV room and put a compound into a compound box on a wall.

  5. Head out of a TV room and spin right toward a moldy door. Open it and enter a mezzanine and into a lavatory on a right.
  6. Open a cupboard on a left-hand side of a room and open a drawer to find Handgun Ammo.
  7. Return to a moly mezzanine and conduct right to a list during a end. Get a Blank Notebook from a drawer.
  8. Turn behind and conduct out of a moldy corridor, and behind out toward a main hallway.
  9. The list during a finish has a Dummy Finger in it. Pick it up.
  10. Follow a healthy trail by a residence to a behind room filled with butchered pigs. Retrieve a shaft cutters.

  11. Use a shaft cutters on a cupboard door that is cumulative with bondage during a finish of a corridor that faces a passed pig room.
  12. Get a video fasten from inside a cabinet.
  13. Head behind to a corridor and go adult a stairs. Activate a stairs button. (Creepy mannequin warning.)
  14. Ascend a stairs into a attic.
  15. Grab a Handgun Ammo underneath a bed. You might have to position yourself during an angle to see it.
  16. Take a Basement Key off of a night stand.
  17. Retrieve a Object Made of Celluloid buried underneath a raise of TV’s conflicting a wall.

  18. Combine a Object Made of Celluloid with a Dummy Finger to make a Dummy’s Left Hand.
  19. Interact with a red paint on a wall to a right of a TV pile. This activates a murder locations, where we will need to indicate a Dummy Left Hand during a symbol where a murder took place.
  20. The initial symbol is downstairs in a hallway with a depressed shelves fibbing during a feet of a stairs. Bring adult a Dummy Hand in your register and check it so it is indicating a finger during a depressed shelves.
  21. Go behind to a Attic, and keep following a trail around to a gymnasium finale with a sealed door.
  22. Look during a light on a wall, and you’ll hear laughter, activating a subsequent murder site.

  23. Head behind to a Moldy Hallway, and strech a finish with a sealed gate. Use a Basement Key on a gate.
  24. Pick adult a Handgun Ammo median down a stairs.
  25. Grab a Lockpick on a heater during a bottom of a stairs.
  26. Head into a basement. Go around a physique bags to squeeze a Valve Handle, go behind to a door. Loop behind around a physique bags.

    Important: An rivalry arrives, flog a physique bags to jolt it, and mangle a doorway down. If we get bitten during any point, you’ll be on a approach to a Infected Ending. Don’t get bitten.

  27. Go to a bathroom, use a Valve Handle on a pipe with a strangely made hole.
  28. Flush a toilet to retrieve a Handgun. Breathe a whine of relief.
  29. Head behind to a basement where the thing is.
  30. Charge by a door, scurry to squeeze a Attic Window Key and get a heck out.
  31. Go behind adult a groundwork stairs, and afterwards behind down. Enemy is gone. Go to a Body Bag during a behind of a room and indicate during it with a Dummy’s Left Hand to symbol it as a site of a second murder.
  32. Head behind to a TV room, and put a Derelict House Footage into a VCR.
  33. During a flashback, pick adult a Lockpick from between a x-ray and refrigerator.
  34. Use a lockpick to unlock a sealed drawer in a kitchen. You can afterwards play a rest of a video by as we like.

  35. After a video has finished, go to a kitchen to a drawer we unbarred in a video and collect a Axe. That’s some-more like it!
  36. Head to a Hallway subsequent to a kitchen and pitch your Axe during a portait of a lady with a bag over her head, activating a subsequent murder location.
  37. Under a stairs, there is a cubby hole with some shelving units. Point a Dummy’s Left Hand during a boarded adult door to prove a site of a third murder.
  38. Go behind to a hallway and demeanour during a counterpart conflicting a room underneath a stairs, and afterwards do an 180-degree spin to activate a fourth murder.

  39. Head into a integument and point a Dummy’s Left Hand during a blue and white wires using opposite a roof.
  40. Watch a Derelict House Footage once some-more in a TV Room.
  41. While you’re Clancy a Cameraman, go to a kitchen and correlate with a microwave, fridge and pot on a list (not indispensably in that order).
  42. Back in a benefaction time, go behind to a basement and a room where we found a Attic Window Key.
  43. Kneel on a building to glance during a doll to activate a fifth and final murder location.
  44. Return to a kitchen and point a Dummy’s Left Hand during a pot on a table, to brand it as a final murder site.

  45. Ascend a stairs to a integument and enter a blood stained door.
  46. Interact with a “You’re a best ever!” pointer on a rocking chair. Do it again to get a Dirty Coin.
  47. Head to a outdoor room and climb a ladder toward a window.
  48. Unlock a window and get a ruin outta there.

Known issues: It might need some-more than one observation of a Derelict House Footage to hear a doll’s delight that activates a final murder site. There are a integrate of opposite theories right now involving because this is; interacting with all of a kitchen appliances while in a video seems to be a common prerequisite, while others disagree that only following a dual by to a finish should be enough. Other reports discuss a spook that we positively haven’t encountered, and apparently a doll is triggered after she appears on a staircase. Either way, if we re-watch a tape, it should eventually work.

Alternate method: Watch a Derelict House Footage before we go into a Basement and take on a creature, and take a stairs to collect a axe. Then we can take a mattock with we into a basement, and use it to attack. Be warned, should a beast strike or punch you, we will be on your approach to a Infected Ending.

Resident Evil 7 launches correct on Jan 24th, 2017 for Xbox One, Windows 10 Store, Steam PC, and PS4.

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