How to get a shotgun in Resident Evil 7

Before we get a shotgun, we need to have a scorpion key. It’s accessible comparatively early in a game, after your fight with Jack in a garage, after we solve the projector puzzle regulating a wooden statuette — and while you’re in a basement.

In a groundwork (aka a estimate area)

Begin in a protected room (pictured above), right around a dilemma from a stairs that lead down into a groundwork estimate area.

How to get to a room with a scorpion key

Head down a stairs into a basement, following a trail that leads past a incinerator room and by a hate. Follow a room to a right, by a hole in a wall where a room opens up.

Loop around a room counterclockwise to get a treasure photo from a shelves in a behind corner, a lock collect from a freezer to their left and a green herb from a meat-cage to a left of that. Turn around and collect adult a scorpion key from a bag of beef in a center of a room.

Retrace your stairs to a save indicate adult a stairs and out of a cellar. We’re going to go on an journey to collect adult a value mentioned in a treasure photo and a shotgun.

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