How to follow each keynote during E3 2018

E3 2018 is finally here — almost. Even yet a tangible uncover doesn’t start until Tuesday, Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Nintendo, Bethesda, and fundamentally any other large name in gaming will be holding a theatre during some indicate in a subsequent few days to flog off a discussion with a slew of announcements.

New games? Fancy trailers? Actual gameplay footage? Maybe even release dates? All that and some-more awaits. Here’s when / where we can watch a biggest events and what we can design from each.

Saturday, Jun 9th

Electronic Arts

When: Saturday, Jun 9th during 11AM PT / 2PM ET

What: We’ve already got a flattering good thought of what to design from EA. We’ll be removing some many deeper looks during Anthem and presumably some-more from a already announced Battlefield V. A furious card? Star Wars, that is entrance off a feeble perceived Battlefront II rob box liaison from final fall. Oh, and sports. Definitely lots of sports.

How to watch: Watch EA’s live tide on Twitch or YouTube.

Image: EA

Sunday, Jun 10th

Microsoft (Xbox)

When: Sunday, Jun 10th during 1PM PT / 4PM ET

What: Microsoft already has a hardware, with a Xbox One X winning out as a many absolute console on a market. This year during E3, design to hear a whole lot about a games, and privately Microsoft’s large 3 franchises: Halo 6, Forza Horizon 4, and a new Gears of War. Plus, assume that Crackdown 3 will uncover up.

How to watch: Watch Microsoft’s live tide YouTube, Mixer, or Twitch.


When: Sunday, Jun 10th during 6:30PM PT / 9:30PM ET

What: Rage 2 and Fallout 76 are locks, carrying already been announced, though Bethesda has tons of franchises that could uncover adult during E3. Fans are champing during a bit for any news on a Elder Scrolls 6, and it’s been a few years given a association brought behind Doom. Plus, there are still rumors of Starfield, a sci-fi open-universe RPG that competence appear, along with mutterings of a new mobile diversion a la Fallout Shelter

How to watch: Watch Bethesda’s live tide on Twitch or YouTube.

Rage 2

Devolver Digital

When: Sunday, Jun 10th during 8PM PT / 11PM ET

What: Honestly, no idea. Devolver Digital is already a furious label when it comes to E3 briefings, and a late hour and a company’s existent gusto for messing with folks when it comes to briefings means anything could happen.

How to watch: Watch Devolver’s live tide on Twitch or YouTube.

Monday, Jun 11th

Square Enix

When: Monday, Jun 11th during 10AM PT / 1PM ET

What: Square Enix is display adult during E3 for a initial time given 2015. We know that Shadow of a Tomb Raider and a long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III will be removing some time in a limelight. But Square Enix also has a diversion formed on Marvel’s renouned Avengers authorization in a works. And what’s a improved time to announce that than after a tallness of Infinity War hype? Plus, there are rumors of new entries in a Just Cause and Life Is Strange series. And maybe, only maybe, an refurbish on a presumably fabulous Final Fantasy VII Remake (or even Final Fantasy XVI).

How to watch: Watch Square Enix’s video display on Twitch or YouTube


When: Monday, Jun 11th during 1PM PT / 4PM ET

What: Expect a some-more grave exhibit of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (which was teased already), a initial demeanour during The Division sequel that Ubisoft formerly announced, a AC: Black Flag-inspired Skull Bones that Ubisoft announced final year, and hopefully, some some-more petrify gameplay and information on a long-awaited Beyond Good Evil 2.

How to watch: Watch Ubisoft’s live tide on Twitch or YouTube.

PC Gaming Show

When: Monday, Jun 11th during 3PM PT / 6PM ET

What: A squeeze bag of ubiquitous PC gaming news, PC Gamer is promising “more unannounced games, unrevealed trailers, and new footage than any prior year.”

How to watch: Watch a showcase live on Twitch or YouTube.

Sony (PlayStation)

When: Monday, Jun 11th during 6PM PT / 9PM ET

What: Sony’s been flattering transparent about a E3 plans, promising appearances from Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man, and The Last of Us Part II, along with news from other eccentric and third-party developers. (Expect Destiny 2’s new Forsaken expansion to cocktail adult here as well.) But there could be surprises, too: God of War DLC? Horizon Zero Dawn sequel? Something new from Bloodborne developer FromSoftware? We’ll have to wait and see.

How to watch: Watch Sony’s live tide on Twitch or YouTube.

Tuesday, Jun 12th


When: Tuesday, Jun 12th during 9AM PT / 12PM ET

What: Smash Bros. for Switch. Pokémon for Switch. Fortnite for Switch. Metroid Prime 4 for Switch. Probably some other surprises for Switch. Maybe that Switch Fire Emblem diversion Nintendo keeps vaguely mentioning? Basically, design Switch news.

How to watch: Watch a Nintendo Direct on Twitch or YouTube.

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