How to find uncanny [REDACTED] planets in No Man’s Sky

Museyci is not like many other planets in No Man’s Sky. You won’t find plants or animals there. You won’t even find plateau or oceans. Just an unconstrained widen of hexagonal metal, and giant, glowing, automatic structures that demeanour like cyber fungi.

No Man’s Sky - bizarre machine-like plants done adult of hexagons and intense yellow wires cover a landscape done adult of steel hexagons

A pleasing [REDACTED] planet, Museyci.
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I knew something was adult a impulse my initial indicate labeled this a [REDACTED] Planet. That and a a fact that you can see a hexagons from space:

No Man’s Sky - From inside s spaceship cockpit, a scanner classifies a bizarre lead world in perspective a redacted planet.

Totally normal looking world right.
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This is usually one of a bizarre “exotic biome” planets we can find in No Man’s Sky. Here’s another with a chilling AI-induced post-apocalypse vibe.

No Man’s Sky - A gif pans opposite a passed planet’s landscape, dirty with hulk lead dodecahedrons. A few dodecahedrons still boyant eerily in a air.

What happened on this planet? Honestly, we don’t wish to know.
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In really same system, we found an even some-more unsettling planet. From space, it seemed normal, with large blue oceans and imperishable towering ranges. Instead, we found what we can usually assume is a issue of some horrifying, planet-wide ritual. Or maybe I’d found a cemetery of a gods.

No Man’s Sky - The setting of an scary red skied world with hulk mill rings dotting a landscape.

Something seems usually a small off about this planet.
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To be clear, there’s no filter on these images or video. This is usually a approach a world looks: colorless, save for an scary red light entrance from a sky.

No Man’s Sky - A gif pans opposite a setting of an scary red skied world with hulk mill rings dotting a landscape.

I didn’t stay on this world really long.
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No Man’s Sky generates these planets, like all of a planets, procedurally. But it’s not wholly pointless how we found these. You can make them a small easier to find with a assistance of some hyperdrive upgrades.

Hyperdrive upgrades

Specifically, we need a Cadmium, Emeril, and Indium Hyperdrives (before a No Man’s Sky Next update, these upgrades were called Warp Reactor Sigma, Tau, and Theta.) These 3 upgrades concede we to transport to singular Red, Green and Blue star systems, respectively. Planets with an “exotic biome” are some-more expected to seem in these systems.

Red systems yield a smallest boost, and Indium a largest. Unfortunately, we can’t burst true to an Indium Hyperdrive, as a resources you’ll need to build it come from a prior tone of star complement (i.e., we need Cadmium from a Red complement to build an Emeril Hyperdrive, and Emeril from a Green complement to build an Indium Hyperdrive). You’ll also need a few record modules, though we can buy those during many Galactic Trade Terminals.

No Man’s Sky - A spaceship register with Cadmium and Emiril Hyperderive upgrades installed.

I don’t even have an Indium Hyperdrive yet!
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You’ll also need some blueprints. we was means to secure my Cadmium and Emeril Hyperdrive blueprints as rewards from Specialist Polo on a Space Anomaly. My Indium Blueprints came not prolonged following as a prerogative in a pointless quest. The diversion is some-more ambiguous about how we get these blueprints, so it competence not start a same approach for you, though it appears that storyline quests are a best bet.

Remember, nothing of these hyperdrive upgrades pledge that you’ll find some-more outlandish biomes. They usually take we to systems where they’re some-more expected to occur, so a best approach to find them is to get exploring!

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