How to Complete all Multiplayer Dark Ops Challenges in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Full beam and images

Guide to all 15 Multiplayer Dark Ops hurdles and Calling Card images in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Ever given their further in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Calling Cards have been a best approach to uncover off your skills online. With a combined covering of Dark Ops hurdles in Black Ops 3, Calling Cards have turn flashier, cooler, and harder to get.

To assistance we on your query to be a best, we have fabricated a list of all 15 Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Dark Ops hurdles that will prerogative we with a games many prestigious Calling Cards.

OBTAINED – Earn a Dark Matter camo. To do this, we have to acquire all camos on all guns, requiring we to have both a Gold and Diamond camos first.

RELENTLESS KILLER – Earn 10 Relentless medals. This award requires we to go on a 20 killstreak incompatible scorestreak kills.

BRUTAL KILLER – 25 killstreak excluding scorestreak kills.

NUCLEAR KILLER – 30 killstreak incompatible scorestreak kills.

FRENZY KILLER – 5 fast kills excluding scorestreak kills.

MEGA KILLER – 6 fast kills incompatible scorestreak kills.

ULTRA KILLER – 7 fast kills incompatible scorestreak kills.

CHAIN KILLER – 7+ fast kills incompatible scorestreak kills.

NUKED OUT – 30 killstreak in Free For All

GEMMED OUT – Activate a top tier of Dark Matter Camo (Nuclear Medal – 30 killstreak) with each Primary Weapon.

FROM THE DEPTHS – 25 kills opposite enemies that are on land when we are sharpened during them from underwater with a primary or delegate weapon.

SHRUG IT OFF – Survive a approach strike from an rivalry RC-XD and kill a rivalry who was pushing it in a same life.

COPYCAT – Get 10 shutdown medals opposite enemies regulating Annihilator with an Annihilator or a Mozu.

FIRE WITH FIRE – Kill an rivalry that is regulating a cleanser with a Molotov.

GET IT OUTTA HERE – Get a shutdown award by murdering an rivalry that has activated Grav Slam while they are still in a atmosphere after regulating a Grapple Gun.


Thanks to Reddit user “553ML” for these pictures.

Have we got all these yet? Which ones are we still operative on? Let us know in a comments down below!

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