How a New ‘Uncharted’ Game Moved On From Nathan Drake …

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted games are roughly synonymous with Nathan Drake. After all, he’s been a franchise’s categorical impression from a start. But that’s changing with a latest game in a series, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Set after Drake’s story finished in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Lost Legacy instead stars fan-favorites Chloe Frazer, a value hunter who was introduced in a second game, and Nadine Ross, a niggardly who finished her entrance as an criminal in a fourth.

It’s a confidant change for a array with such an iconic categorical character, one that opens it adult to a lot of engaging new account and gameplay opportunities. In expectation of The Lost Legacy’s new release, Inverse spoke to Kurt Margenau, diversion director, and Claudia Black, a singer who plays Chloe, to find out how a array changed on from Nathan Drake.

Deciding on Chloe and Nadine

While Nathan has been a impression during a forefront of a Uncharted experience, Naughty Dog always surrounded him with formidable and grown characters, that came in accessible when it came time to switch protagonists. “I consider we’ve always had that perspective of, we have these good characters and Nathan Drake has been a core of that universe. But everybody has their possess favorite character,” Margenau said. “And when it came down to formulating this new project, that we knew for certain wasn’t going to be anything with Nathan Drake, it was a possibility for everybody to chuck their thought out for what’s their favorite character’s story.”

After doing some story math — deliberation what characters would play off any other well, where and when it would make clarity for a diversion to take place — a developer motionless to concentration on Chloe. A favorite even during a Naughty Dog, they relished a event to place a impression front and core after she sat out Uncharted 4. “Chloe’s kind of been on a backburner,” Margenau said. “Uncharted 4, there wasn’t a place for her in that story, so now this is a possibility to pierce her behind to a forefront. Get her her possess side impression [by] bringing Nadine behind in.”

Instead of Nathan, Chloe (left) and Nadine (right) are a protagonists of ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’.

The pairing of Chloe and Nadine represents a large depart from a impression we’re used to following. Despite his standing as a bonafide thief, Nathan Drake is, in a end, a favourite with a heart of gold. But a same can’t be pronounced for Nadine or Chloe who, during opposite points in a series, have incited their backs on their allies. The Lost Legacy’s protagonists still have their differences, though, and this connection of celebrity traits finished them a ideal group for this new entrance in a Uncharted franchise.

“[Chloe’s] from a Nathan Drake star of thieves and crooks… And Nadine has had this some-more structured background, where she deals with these people too, though she’s run and she has a troops structure to her like a proceed that she approaches things,” Margenau said. “So that contrariety was unequivocally interesting. And afterwards a fact that both are looking out for themselves initial and that they have to work together was unequivocally great. That attribute is unequivocally a substructure of everything.”

Leaving Nathan Drake Behind

With Uncharted 4 final Nathan’s story, a preference to not concentration on him in The Lost Legacy seems it was always partial of a plan. But Naughty Dog did perform some kind of follow-up with a character. “We toyed around with some prequel stuff. There’s unequivocally gaps there that we haven’t see in Nate’s story,” Margenau said.

However, Naughty Dog eventually motionless to demeanour elsewhere after deliberation a decisive finish they had given Nate’s tour in Uncharted 4. As Margenau explained, “there was a clarity of, ‘we kind of know where that’s going, though’. So any story we tell in this prequel, you’re only unequivocally kinda educational some-more about that impression that we’ve totally shown, especially [in] Uncharted 4 … So it’s not as engaging as something that takes place after, something that is a outcome of Uncharted 4, where are these characters now.”

Changing adult a standard Uncharted regulation for The Lost Legacy incited out to be a essential aspect of development. “It was only a like, ‘how do we get ourselves vehement about creation another Uncharted after we had only finished Drake’s ultimate adventure, literally, and there’s people being unequivocally sleepy and wanting some time to recuperate?’” Margenau said. “And we consider that’s a large reason since we didn’t wish to go with any of those obvious characters again. It was just, like, for ourselves we wanted something fresh. To get ourselves excited. ‘Cause to work on a diversion for a year — even a year, that is [a] most smaller cycle than Uncharted 4 — it’s still unequivocally tough and it’s a lot of work and we wish to make certain that when you’re operative on something that you’re unequivocally vehement by it… Every singular diversion we make we have to do something new since we’ll only get bored.”

Chloe as a Player Character

For Claudia Black, relocating on from Nathan Drake was exciting, though it also meant she had to contend with a absences of people she had intent with on a mo-cap theatre before, a categorical proceed she had gifted a series. “I [missed] everybody, as I’m certain even — generally indeed — a players will skip their dear other Uncharted characters. So it competence be peculiar for them, to not have Nate around… And it was peculiar for me to not have [Nolan North, who plays Nathan Drake] around,” Black said.

Being a categorical protagonist also gave Black an combined clarity of responsibility, that she had to disguise while personification a tractable Chloe. “While my personal shortcoming increased, we indispensable to make certain that Chloe’s opinion was still unequivocally cavalier,” Black said. “And a writers and a group formulating it were unequivocally transparent about who Chloe is to them, and so they were unequivocally good guardians of that. You know, creation certain that they were stewarding in someone who could be engaging adequate to lead a diversion though during a same time still be quintessentially Chloe.”

There aren’t too many franchises that confirm to switch protagonists after a few entries in a series, and fewer still are perceived definitely for a change (or during all). Which isn’t surprising. A lot of a interest of a array comes from carrying a specific impression or set of characters around, saying them interact, and being invested in their stories. When those stories are over, it’s typically time to pierce on to another property. But if Naughty Dog’s proceed to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is any indication, they found during slightest dual good reasons for audiences to hang around in a Uncharted universe, during slightest for one some-more adventure.

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