How Niantic Hosted 2 Million Players In Yokohama By Learning From Pokémon GO Fest’s Mistakes


Pokemon GO in Yokohama

While we lay here debating a merits of upcoming disdainful raids and either or not Legendary tired is real, Pokémon GO did conduct to have a biggest, many rewarding, many successful live eventuality to date in Yokohama, Japan this past week.

Last month, things could not have left worse in Chicago during Pokémon GO Fest, where a eager crowds fast soured as they reached Grant Park to find prolonged lines and a diversion usually frequency operative via a day.

Yokohama was a opposite story. The extensive event, that had singular spawns, glossy Pikachus and new raid bosses, culminated in a large track entertainment for a recover of Mewtwo, that was given divided for giveaway to players if they could kick it, interjection to Chicago’s auto-catch complement being in place. Two million people participated in a event, by a end.

It was a distant cry from GO Fest, and should spirit during destiny live events where a diversion suffers from fewer technical difficulties.


Pokemon GO in Yokohama

So, what changed? we recently spoke with Niantic who laid out accurately what they did to make Yokohama run most some-more uniformly than GO Fest. Here’s what they said:

  • Niantic had all of a vital Japanese carriers on notice and they incited out in force to keep a information issuing and keep Trainers happy.
  • Niantic designed an eventuality that spanned a whole island around a Pikachu Outbreak eventuality (Pokémon GO Park) and a circuitously city (more than 4 sq km), permitting a hordes of Pokémon GO players to disseminate by Parks and other engaging areas.
  • Niantic delicately distributed spawns of special Pokémon such as Unown, Shiny Pikachu, Chansey and Larvitar opposite a area so that Trainers were incentivized to constraint and pierce by a incomparable festival area rather than staying in a singular location.
  • Niantic designed a firmly scripted culmination eventuality (Pokémon GO Stadium) where thousands of a luckiest Trainers were means to conflict together to locate a famous Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo in a gratifying culmination with fireworks and a hulk projection of Mewtwo. Special work was finished to shred a servers for this culmination raid to capacitate a best play experience.

In short, a incomparable plcae (Grant Park was a comparatively small space compared to a Yokohama zone), improved coordination with dungeon carriers and additional caring given to a servers so they could hoop a bucket done it work.

After GO Fest, it was misleading if live events were going to be a good thought going brazen for a game, though a events in Europe and Yokohama generally have cemented Niantic’s enterprise to do some-more of these, and I’m pulling for a “redemption” eventuality in Chicago during some indicate in a destiny (because we live there).

I still am uncertain how we feel about live events. Yokohama sounded awesome, though we wish things like singular spawns and new bosses were global events, not localized to a small partial of a universe for 0.01% of a playerbase. GO is a worldwide game, and while we get that Niantic is all about community, these events can be a small divisive everywhere but where they’re happening.

Still, it’s cold to see how Niantic fast schooled critical lessons from GO Fest to figure out how to make this work. Stay tuned for news about destiny events, that will hopefully be somewhere nearby you.

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