How Final Fantasy XV Seeks to Change Square Enix’s Reputation


April 6, 2016
Written by Chandler Wood


It’s a vivid tune that fills a few of a newest Final Fantasy XV trailers. Starting out softly, Florence + The Machine’s cover of “Stand by Me” is a ideal strain for a latest entrance in a Final Fantasy franchise. The lyrics about a strength of holds fast by all filigree unusually good with a classical sounding delivery of Final Fantasy’s good famous “Crystal Theme” strummed on a harp.

While it might be surprising to hear a cover of a renouned strain in a Final Fantasy game, it immediately sets a tinge  and sends a right message. Director Hajime Tabata is attempting to do things a small bit differently with Final Fantasy XV, anticipating to attract new players while appreciative constant fans who have waited a prolonged time for a array to be a challenger again. The multiple of a good famous strain with a clearly Final Fantasy styled adaptation is a consistent of these ideas.

I’ll acknowledge we can be an romantic person, and strain plays a large partial in that. Whether something cinematic or even usually a right strain entrance on during a right time, something stirs inside of me. A welling adult of a throng of emotions. With that out of a way…

I get chills any time that trailer plays, examination Noctis and his friends correlate as a band swells with purpose. We see scenes of witty banter, operative together, and even saving any other’s lives during a risk of their own. And that was all usually in a initial trailer of a day during Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV. There was a lot some-more to come.

Reinventing a Reputation

Square Enix has gotten a bad repute among many fans over a final decade. They had a robe of announcing too early, display too little, and being altogether too corporate in their open approach. No one would have blamed we if we suspicion Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV was usually going to be a few trailers with frequency any genuine information besides a recover date. No one could have guessed what was entrance next.

FFXV eventuality 23

Greg Miller and Tim Gettys took a stage, one carrying frequency overwhelmed a Final Fantasy, and one being a super fan among super fans.

And Square Enix let them have fun.

Miller took a few jabs during a developer’s past missteps and Gettys righteously geeked out all over a theatre for any square of Final Fantasy story (Sorry, Greg! we tumble in a Tim super fan stay here). The review was designed to embody a assembly and was presented in such a proceed that Miller and Gettys felt like avatars of a crowd, rather than presenters. It was a relatable approach, demonstrative of Square Enix reinventing a attribute with their fan base.

And they announced some-more than we could have hoped for. Brotherhood. Kingsglaive. Justice Monsters Five. Platinum Demo. Along with a categorical game, these make adult a Final Fantasy XV universe, and array of extended media that tell additional stories yet expanding to multi-game growth or taking anything divided from a categorical game. Oh, they might have tossed in a recover date (September 30th, if we somehow missed that one) and teased a automobile holding off and flying.

Though after 3 teases, they never suggested what indeed happens when Titan punches a ground. Guess they have to say some secrets, right?

Talking With Tabata

Before a eventuality happened publicly, we had spent a day training about a few of these announcements, personification a Platinum Demo, and of march a prominence of day, articulate with any of a directors for Final Fantasy XV and Kingsglaive, Hajime Tabata and Takeshi Nozue respectively. 

FFXV eventuality 2

Sitting down with Tabata-san and Nozue-san, we could now feel their appetite and excitement. Despite a denunciation separator between us, a hour-long speak by proceed of a translator (the overwhelming Gavin Poffley) felt some-more like a review between friends. Tabata knows that this day has been a prolonged time in a making. His grin gives divided his zeal to speak about a plan that he’s not usually developed, yet reinvented after some-more than 5 years of unsuccessful starts and hilly growth following a proclamation as Final Fantasy Versus XIII

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The speak wasn’t one to betray a lot of secrets (the eventuality did a perfect job of that on a own), yet it was a good time to get a good feel for how they were entrance a plan creatively, and Tabata’s altogether prophesy for what Final Fantasy XV has become.

“We wanted to make it easy for people who aren’t traditional Final Fantasy fans to be engrossed into a world, to get into that star and start enjoying a game…” Tabata talks about education a diversion in a some-more grounded cultured regulating complicated day record and industrial art character alongside a conventions of expectation such as sorcery and uncanny creatures. He points out that even a summons in a game, while over a tip and huge, have an component of believability in a proceed they correlate with a world.


“The ethos…is to start with a star that is really identical to a complicated world, a genuine star we live in now. And afterwards to gradually deliver those singular additional Final Fantasy elements into it.”

It’s this proceed that intrigues me a most. The final time we saw this kind of demeanour of introduction to a star — starting with something that was grounded a bit some-more in believability — was Final Fantasy VII. Tabata comments on a success of FFVII, yet creates strike transparent he’s not perplexing to obey that diversion directly. Rather, he’s perplexing to make a diversion that could elicit a same kind of success and tension on a own, and maybe even grasp a prolonged remembered standing being a initial Final Fantasy diversion that complicated gamers collect up, a same proceed that VII did for gamers 20 years ago.

The End of a Long Road

The finish of a prolonged highway to Final Fantasy XV’s recover is in sight. Tabata wants to make certain that a final 10 years of watchful compensate off by not usually listening to a fans, yet giving us some-more than we could have imagined. And notwithstanding how large a Final Fantasy XV star has now become, a story retains an insinuate alliance by focusing on a holds between a characters. 

Noctis and his 3 friends are close, and a tour that we share with them might be one of eventually saving a world, yet it’s a holds of loyalty that matter most. They matter so most that it was worked into a really mechanics of a game. The AI of a characters, they proceed they quarrel in conflict and a proceed they correlate with one another was privately designed to offer abyss and celebrity as against to usually ubiquitous AI characters or saying a relations play out during cutscenes. It was critical to Tabata that this be a core partial of a diversion from a belligerent up.

final expectation xv story 1

“In normal Japanese RPGs, after a diversion starts we see a celebration enhance and we build on that. You build a group in a initial partial of a game,” Tabata tells me. “But in Final Fantasy XV, there’s not that proviso in there where we build your group adult and we accumulate a celebration and a comrades.” 

He’s assured that a diversion doesn’t need that phase, and wants a strength of a holds to have already been established, yet he does comprehend that people like to see that side of things, and that’s when it was dynamic that an anime miniseries could etch a building of their friendship. In a identical vein, a CG film Kingsglaive was suspicion to be a good proceed to enhance on the story of what is function with King Regis point to the events of Final Fantasy XV without sacrificing anything from possibly narrative.

More to a Universe

Of course, Justice Monsters Five is some-more about joining a actor to a star when they are divided from their console, being Final Fantasy XV’s minigame that will also be accessible on mobile. And a Platinum Demo that is now accessible is a technical showcase of a graphics and diversion systems that also offers an disdainful serve in a final diversion if we finish it. 

The ‘universe’ proceed isn’t new. In fact, it’s utterly renouned in media today. One has usually to demeanour during a Marvel Cinematic Universe to see a kind of success that can be garnered by formulating standalone pieces within a common world. It’s a proceed to build anticipation, immersion, and keep people entrance back.

It’s zero new in video games either. Specifically with Final Fantasy, we got a Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, collecting a array of prequels, sequels, and side stories into a accumulation of media platforms. In some ways, Final Fantasy XV is retreat engineering that thought and presenting it in a whole new way.

Instead of being prolonged after a fact, Final Fantasy XV’s stretched star will indeed arrive before a recover of a categorical game. It’s a proceed to season feed fans and newcomers alike, gripping us calm until Sep 30th comes around.

As for what’s next?

Tabata-san says he’d like to eventually cruise doing something large adequate that they might need to concur with another association outward of Square Enix, yet distant from confirming anything, for a time being he usually wants to concentration on getting Final Fantasy XV to its long awaited recover date. 

FFXV Event 1

It was an respect to have Square Enix embody me as a partial of such an event. It hold a lot of personal definition for me. While we had been gaming prolonged before Final Fantasy VII’s release, it was a diversion that done me comprehend that video games could be something so most deeper than high scores and toys. Like so many of you, or maybe someone we know, Final Fantasy VII was a one that spoke to we on a opposite level. It might not even be your favorite Final Fantasy, yet there’s still no denying a impact it had.

Square Enix is looking to make that impact again. Not usually for a game. Not usually for a franchise. But for a whole company. Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV was about so most some-more than usually showcasing a latest on that game. The subtext is that Square Enix is creation a quip and changing a really association we know to turn some-more like a association we knew, and for fans and newcomers alike? That’s zero yet a good thing. 

A outrageous appreciate we to Square Enix for bringing me out to Los Angeles to declare Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV live and to have a possibility to lay down with Hajima Tabata and Takeshi Nozue. 

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