How Final Fantasy XIV’s New Raid Brings Final Fantasy Tactics To a New World

Last week’s “The Legend Returns” patch for Final Fantasy XIV gives players a ambience of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII in a special 24-person raid eventuality called “The Royal City Of Rabanastre.” If you’re a fan of a Ivalice environment though not an MMO player, here’s what you’re missing.

The adventure, penned by Final Fantasy Tactics and XII author Yasumi Matsuno, fundamentally shoehorns Tactics’ “Zodiac Brave Story” into Final Fantasy XIV, with some characters and creatures from Final Fantasy XII thrown in for good measure.

In Final Fantasy XIV ’s universe of Hydaelyn, a land of Ivalice is a fable (hence “The Legend Returns” patch title). It’s a story upheld down by a generations, involving a arise of a aristocrat and a puzzling figure, presumably another hero, assisting him from a shadows. It’s a story of Final Fantasy Tactics.

The Prima Vista is all sorts of pretty.

From a event’s central description:

Recently, residents of Kugane woke to find hovering above their city an airship distinct any ever seen. Yet while of Garlean design, a vessel clearly lacked a dour outfitting common in a Empire’s warmachina. No, this was a Prima Vista, private theatre for a Majestic Imperial Theater Company─a unit carrying won commend opposite Garlemald for their undying work, The Zodiac Brave Story. Which begets a question…why are they here? The answer to that doubt and some-more lies in a selfsame fable of that they sing. The fable of Ivalice.

The Prima Vista is a name of a airship flown by a Tantalus Theater Group in Final Fantasy IX, though there are no peculiar small tailed rogues using about. Instead, as players learn on embarking on a query heading adult to a raid even, this airship serves as a home for a span of siblings acid for their brave father, mislaid while exploring a dangerous city of Rabanastre for explanation that Ivalice is some-more than only a story.

The Zodiac Brave Story

The actor impression is contacted initial by Alma bas Lexentale, a impression that looks suspiciously like Alma Beoulve, sister of a protagonist of Final Fantasy Tactics. What was his name again?

That’s right, it’s Ramza! Or during slightest Ramza bas Lexentale. This Ramza’s categorical regard is anticipating his blank father, Jenomis cen Lexentale, and maybe uncovering a loyal Zodiac Brave Story in a process.

Ramza is also a bit of a dick.

Whoever this Ramza and Alma are, they need a Warrior of Light’s assist to rescue their father, mislaid and presumably underneath a change of Ivalice’s signature immorality crystal, Auracite.

The Zodiac Age

While a categorical characters are from Final Fantasy Tactics, a environment for this initial leg of a Ivalice tale is a collateral of a Kingdom of Dalmasca from Final Fantasy XII. Rabanastre has seen improved days, though it still looks flattering fantastic as a actor and their compatriots proceed from a sky.

And while a sinister total who seem towards a finish of a cutscene above aren’t entirely suggested until after a raid proper, it’s flattering apparent they are Bangaa, a lizard-like competition that initial seemed in Final Fantasy XII.

The Raid

Once a extensive opening cutscenes are over, it’s time to raid Rabanastre. This 24-player raid is a array of 4 formidable trainer battles with some engaging rabble mobs to purify adult along a way.


It all kicks off with a quarrel with Mateus a Corrupt, who some might remember as a ice-aligned Esper from Final Fantasy XII.

Image via Nova Crystallis’ run of a raid on Youtube.

Next adult is Hashmal, Bringer of Order. Another Final Fantasy XII Esper, Hashmal represents a component of earth.

Image via Nova Crystallis’ run of a raid on Youtube.

Bucking a Esper trend, a raid’s third trainer is Rofocale, who’s a bit of an peculiar steep in a Ivalice setting. Also famous as Rophochehe, this rivalry references one of a Zodiac-based Lucavi demons that did not seem in Final Fantasy Tactics, though a name was listed in a credentials of a game’s save screen. It’s a cold small callback to an new idea.

Image via Nova Crystallis’ run of a raid on Youtube.

The fourth and final trainer quarrel of The Royal City of Rabanastre is a genuine provide for Final Fantasy Tactics fans. Argath Thadalfus is one of a many unlikable characters in Final Fantasy, a whiny, entitled posh of a noble who looks on those next his hire with tender contempt. It’s unequivocally good to get another possibility to kick him down.


Check out a full conflict below, pleasantness of Hinkles on YouTube. Stay til a unequivocally finish to hear a informed feat theme.

Note that Argath is vehement about fighting opposite “descendants of House Beoulve.” He’s not utterly right.

The Aftermath

The raid is over and Ramza and Alma’s father is recovered, though not before a informed scaly face creates an appearance. Ruthless Bangaa annuity hunter and arch-enemy of Final Fantasy XII’s Bathier, Ba’Gamnan and his brothers constraint Jenomis before he can be rescued, charity to trade him for a square of Auracite.

Basically “Blame yourself, or god.”

The trade is done and a Bangaa shun into a sky on an airship. The Warrior of Light and Ramza accumulate adult Jenomis and lapse to a Prima Vista, where a ties to Final Fantasy Tactics are finally revealed.

Though justification of Ramza and Alma Beoulve’s impasse in a story of Delita Hyral’s arise from farmer to aristocrat of Ivalice was stricken from a chronological record, Jenomis found proof. In sequence to safeguard he never mislaid steer of a truth, he named his children after a lost heroes.

As for how Jenomis came opposite this informati0n, get prepared for a kicker. The story of Final Fantasy Tactics is framed as a investigate of academician Arazlam Durai. He is a successor of Orran Durai, who chronicled a loyal story of a War of a Lions in a “Durai Papers.” though was branded a infidel and burnt during a interest before they could be published. Well, theory what?

Ramza and Alma’s father is Arazlam Durai, author of a “Zodiac Brave Story”.

As a journey ends, Ramza and his father vouch to continue their query to move a loyal story of Ivalice to a people of Final Fantasy XIV’s Hydaelyn.

But Is It Canon?

Not really, no. Final Fantasy XIV loves to take concepts, characters and places from other Final Fantasy titles and benefaction them in a context of a massively multiplayer setting. It’s a legends of Ivalice as projected into FFXIV, and zero more.

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