How large is a No Man’s Sky planet, really? Watch someone travel …

Conor Kearney, a YouTuber who strolls opposite video diversion maps to estimate their real-life scale, can’t unequivocally travel to a core of a universe in No Man’s Sky. But he can travel opposite a universe and get a clarity of one’s genuine distance relations to a player.

The prolonged story brief is that a universe in No Man’s Sky is a really vast place to try though it’s not accurately planet-sized, as in genuine life. It took Kearney 11 hours and 50 mins to travel roughly median around a universe he chose. If one assumes his walking speed on it is 3.1 miles per hour, as a normal is on Earth, that universe is about 74 miles in diameter.

Of course, a universe that tiny — a Moon’s hole is 2,159 miles — would have a lot reduction sobriety than Earth and that would really impact one’s walking pace.

Kearney forked out that Hello Games owner and No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray, in his coming on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, pronounced a diversion would underline “planet-sized planets.” we comprehend that 74 miles is not even tighten to a hole of Ceres, a smallest dwarf planet (587 miles)  in a Solar System. we still think, within a proportions of a video diversion — positively one that has 18.4 quintillion of these babies — that holding 24 hours to travel all a approach around one qualifies as adequate of a planet-sized planet.

Kearney told me he’d substantially travel around a moon in No Man’s Sky next week to get an thought of how large one of those are. we cruise we would have had adequate during this point. Let’s postponement to cruise that Kearney walked in a video diversion for scarcely 12 hours, for science. And now we know roughly how large a No Man’s Sky universe is. The answer: large enough.

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