Horizon Zero Dawn’s New Game+ Lets You Keep Your Gear But Skip The Kid Stuff

Thanks to New Game +, here’s Aloy in Horizon’s best armor before she’s even privileged a criminal stay or climbed a Tallneck.

A new patch for Horizon Zero Dawn adds an Ultra Hard problem mode and New Game+, in box we feel like personification by Aloy’s adventures nonetheless again before a enlargement hits. Horizon, that came out for PS4 in February, stays one of a best games of 2017.

We only attempted to foot adult a New Game+ mode and this is what we learned:


While a giveaway patch adds a new mode, we can’t use it though finishing a game. Even if we have finished a game, we won’t immediately be means to click that New Game+ option…

Instead, you’ll need to bucket adult a finished save file. As anyone who finished Horizon knows, after you’ve beaten a final trainer and a credits roll, you’re sent to a impulse right before a game’s final query begins. When we bucket adult that save, you’ll get an choice to emanate a New Game+ loadout.

This authorised Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo to take a 59-hour, turn 48 playthrough into a new mode. The diversion doesn’t prove that you’ll confront many differences in a new playthrough, yet it does supplement some facepaint options and new gear, fortuitous on finishing a some-more formidable modes (our tested playthrough was on normal, so we didn’t see a new facepaint stuff).



Thankfully, Horizon’s developers gangling people who start a New Game+ from replaying a game’s rudimentary levels. Sure, it’s lovable to play a child chronicle of Aloy, though there isn’t most need. You skip a “A Gift From The Past” and “Lessons of a Wild” quests and start with “The Point Of The Spear,” a query that starts with we wanting to find Rost. You’ll still need to do The Proving and some other things before a diversion entirely opens up.

No personification as little-girl-Aloy in New Game +

Horizon always keeps 5 auto-save files and a handful of quicksaves, though it’s a protected gamble that personification into New Game + will eventually overwrite any of those saves tied to an end-game file. If we wish to keep a duplicate of Aloy right during a margin of completing a game, it’s substantially best to do a primer save there.

Additional stating by Stephen Totilo

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