Horizon Zero Dawn’s First DLC The Frozen Wilds Is "Very Chunky …

During a PlayStation Live promote from a uncover building during E3 2017 in Los Angeles, Sony and Guerrilla Games General Manager Hermen Hulst  talked about Horizon Zero Dawn‘s arriving DLC The Frozen Wilds.

Hulst mentioned that a calm is “very chunky”including a new domain opposite a northern mountains. While he can’t give accurate sum on hours of gameplay, he explained that it’s “very beefy” with a “good sized map.”

There will be new quests, hurdles and settlements for Aloy to explore, new weapons and more. On tip of that, it’ll also yield a new set of trophies.

The DLC will “continue Aloy’s journey” and will be a “new chapter” story-wise, as she uncover some deep, dim secrets.

Hulst also explained because Guerrilla Games motionless to make a DLC. From a growth perspective, after finishing a diversion we have all a collection and believe in place, and we only wish to do more. On tip of that, there are many fans who wish some-more as well.

If we wish to see some-more on Horizon: The Frozen Wids, we can check out a proclamation trailer, and some beautiful 4K screenshots. If you’re unknown with a game, we can also review my review, that is one of my really singular tens out of ten.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds will recover some time this year, with no serve specified recover date. Hulst betrothed some-more sum about that in a entrance months.

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