Horizon Zero Dawn Updates 1.33 and 1.34 Are Live; Fixes Progression Issues and General Bug Fixes

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of a highlights of a gaming universe this year, and even yet it has minimal flaws, Guerilla Games are still pumping out updates to serve urge a game.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s update 1.33 is a ubiquitous update, regulating reported course issues and allows players to manually save their swell before starting a New Game+. However, a refurbish caused a diversion to pile-up “when perplexing to bucket a save where a actor had an non-stop value box in their register containing a alteration and other items. ” The update’s highlights were published on Reddit:

Patch 1.33 is accessible now. This patch fixes a series of technical issues, issues that occurred with New Game + and Ultra Hard difficulty, course issues and crashes as summarized below. The patch is 309.6 MB.

NOTE: This list might enclose several spoilers!

If we confront an emanate while playing Horizon Zero Dawn, greatfully try reloading a new primer save, quicksave or autosave from a “Load” menu option. If a emanate persists, greatfully take screenshots of a area where it occurred and your plcae on a map, and brazen them to us for serve investigation.

• Implemented an choice to concede creation a primer save from a prior Game when starting a New Game to equivocate losing progress.

• Fixed an emanate where for some players Tearblast Arrows wrongly understanding additional Tear repairs on Ultra Hard.
• Fixed an emanate where some players were means to reroll Special Modification Boxes by saving and reloading.

• Fixed an emanate in ‘The Womb of a Mountain’ when personification on Story problem where some players were means to kill a Corruptor outward of a gate, restraint course since a actor is not means to correlate with it to continue a quest.

– Update: Unfortunately patch 1.33 introduced a pile-up that would start for certain players when perplexing to bucket a save where a actor had an non-stop value box in their register containing a alteration and other items. We are now operative on a repair for this issue.

– Update 2: Patch 1.34 is live now and fixes a emanate where players were incompetent to bucket their save when they had an non-stop value box in their inventory.

Are we enjoying Horizon Zero Dawn?

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