Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.34 Fixes Crashing Issue

September 22, 2017
Written by Tyler Treese

horizon 0 emergence update

Horizon Zero Dawn refurbish 1.33 expelled final week, and while it came with a garland of good additions, it also introduced a nasty crashing emanate that was impacting players. Thankfully, a repair came quickly, and Horizon Zero Dawn refurbish 1.34 is now accessible to download.

Here’s a finish post that Guerrilla Games done on Reddit that sum a patch:

We’re gratified to announce that Patch 1.34 for Horizon Zero Dawn is accessible now. This patch fixes a technical emanate that was introduced with Patch 1.33.

NOTE: This list might enclose several spoilers!

If we confront an emanate while personification Horizon Zero Dawn, greatfully try reloading a new primer save, quicksave or autosave from a “Load” menu option. If a emanate persists, greatfully take screenshots of a area where it occurred and your plcae on a map, and brazen them to us for serve investigation.


  • Fixed a pile-up that would start for certain players when perplexing to bucket a save where a actor had an non-stop value box in their register containing a alteration and other items.

Please download Horizon Zero Dawn patch [1.34] and let us know what we think. We’ll continue to work on serve fixes for and enhancements to a diversion formed on your comments. In a meantime, keep an eye on this space for a latest Horizon Zero Dawn news and updates!

Well that should positively assistance out any players that were pang from crashes stalling their swell in Horizon Zero Dawn. Let us know in a comments next if you’ve gifted any issues personification Guerrilla Games’ desirous open-world movement game, and where it ranks on your stream diversion of a year list!

[Source: Reddit]

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