Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.33 Is Here to Fix Game Issues

Fixes for Horizon Zero Dawn on Sep 18, 2017

Guerrilla Games has brought onward a array of fixes to scold issues ensuing from a final patch of Horizon Zero Dawn. The critically-acclaimed diversion has seen copiousness of additions and changes in a form of giveaway updates, though it’s not but a kinks.

Horizon Zero Dawn map

Horizon Zero Dawn faced issues, particularly, with New Game + and Ultra Hard Mode difficulty. You can find a patch records for refurbish 1.33 below. The full distance is 309.6 MB.

• Implemented an choice to concede creation a primer save from a prior Game when starting a New Game to equivocate losing progress.
• Fixed an emanate where for some players Tearblast Arrows wrongly understanding additional Tear repairs on Ultra Hard.
• Fixed an emanate where some players were means to reroll Special Modification Boxes by saving and reloading.

• Fixed an emanate in ‘The Womb of a Mountain’ when personification on Story problem where some players were means to kill a Corruptor outward of a gate, restraint course since a actor is not means to correlate with it to continue a quest.

Horizon Zero Dawn Screen - Snapmaw

Before a time of this writing, however, Guerrilla Games updated their notes with a following message: “Unfortunately, patch 1.33 introduced a pile-up that would start for certain players when perplexing to bucket a save where a actor had an non-stop value box in their register containing a alteration and other items. We are now operative on a repair for this issue.”

At a really least, it looks like devs held on to a new emanate quick. Let’s only wish there aren’t anymore as a outcome of a final update. But if any crashes occur, Guerrilla Games is seeking players to bucket their final saves. If issues persist, they ask that we take a screenshot of your plcae and send it to them.

Horizon Zero Dawn is accessible for a PS4, and The Frozen Wilds DLC will be rising on Nov 7. Stay tuned for some-more updates as they come our way.


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