Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds DLC: Sony has illusory news for PS4 fans

Guerrilla walked us by a opening moments of a DLC, introducing us to a code new tribe, a gorgeous new area (complete with unusual Sulphur pools) and some of a new wildlife.

Not all of a wildlife is friendly, of course, and among other things, fans can design epic battles opposite fire-breathing robo-wolves called Scorchers.

These rapid foes will exam Aloy’s sport and dodging skills, as she frantically reaches for a Ropecaster while desperately avoiding fire attacks.

And you’d improved equivocate fighting circuitously a tower, since these new automatic landmarks are there to make life some-more difficult. Active towers will clean circuitously enemies, correct machines and invalidate your mount.

Indeed, while we can entrance a Horizon Zero Dawn DLC flattering early on in a categorical campaign, Guerrilla recommends rebellious it during turn 30 and above.

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