Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wild Hits PS4 on Nov 7

During this year’s PlayStation Experience event, Sony announced an enlargement for a strike PS4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn. At a time, we were given a deceptive “fall 2017” recover date. Today, Sony has revealed that Aloy’s adventures will continue on Nov 7 with The Frozen Wild DLC.

The Frozen Wild takes place in a northern-most regions in Horizon Zero Dawn. Players usually quickly visited this area during a march of a game. Now, they’ll have an whole goal in this wintry region. As is to be expected, there will be new machines to quarrel and mysteries to uncover.

While this proclamation is positively good news for PS4 owners, Sony didn’t hold some-more than a recover date. Those who pre-order a DLC from a PlayStation store will get an disdainful Horizon Zero Dawn avatar to use for their form picture. That isn’t a lot, though during slightest it’s something to waves folks over until a enlargement is released.

Horizon Zero Dawn was expelled progressing this year to vicious acclaim. According to Sony, a latest pretension from Guerrilla Games has sole 3.4 million units worldwide. That is considerable deliberation how this is a mint IP. This enlargement is entrance out during a holidays, that will no doubt assistance accelerate sales of a game.

As someone who positively desired Horizon Zero Dawn, I’m really most looking brazen to personification this DLC. Hopefully, I’ll be means to lift over my swell into this enlargement given we acquired a lot of weapons and skills in a categorical game. But we suspect if we have to start over again it wouldn’t be so bad. we enjoyed a accumulation of machines before, so I’m fervent to see what arrange of talented robots a DLC will introduce.

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