Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game Has Been Successfully Kickstarted

Before reading any further, prepare yourself. Prepare yourself for a geek-gasm of such epic proportions that we might good be blown half-way opposite a room.

Check this out: Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game.

Right, collect yourself adult off a building and lapse to your prior position.

With a debate shutting during a finish of final week, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game has now been entirely saved on Kickstarter to a balance of £1,393,260. Developed by Steamforged Games Ltd – who have also expelled Dark Souls and Resident Evil tabletop games, HZD: TBG is a ”semi associated tactical movement diversion for 1-4 players designed in a abounding and singular Horizon Zero Dawn universe”.

The tiny pattern work is, utterly frankly, mind bogglingly good – with Bellowbacks, Behemoths and Stormbirds rendered to nearby perfection.

There’s an all-in late oath still accessible during an eye-watering £280 though only demeanour during all a gorgeousness you’ll get with it.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game is due for recover in 2020.

Source: Kickstarter

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