Horizon Zero Dawn supports ultra-wide on PC

We have a initial reliable fact of a PC chronicle of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Shortly after Horizon Zero Dawn was officially reliable for PC, a game’s Steam page popped up. Apart from confirming that a Frozen Wilds enlargement would be included, a page brought us no new information.

That is until players beheld a suspiciously far-reaching screenshot in a store page gallery. The screenshot has a fortitude of 3440×1440, that is an ultra-wide resolution.

Adding serve confirmation, one of a game’s developers reliable on the Steam forums that a PC chronicle does indeed support ultra-wide resolutions.

“The initial screenshot on a store page is taken from a PC port,” village manager, Anne outpost der Zanden, wrote. Indeed, that is a usually PC screenshot on a store page during this time. The rest bear a PS4 Pro watermark, and have a customary 16:9 resolution.

The PC chronicle launches this summer, and we’re meant to be removing a correct proclamation from Guerrilla Games in a nearby future. Hopefully, it’ll answer many of a questions about this rare launch.

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