Horizon Zero Dawn success leads to large new bureau and enlargement …

Guerrilla Games is expanding, and with enlargement comes a need for a incomparable bureau space.

In early 2019, Guerrilla Games will pierce into a new five-floor bureau located in a former Telegraaf building on a Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam.

The building is now underneath renovation, and a 5 floors Guerrilla will franchise are 7,300 block meters (78,576.55 block feet) of sum space.

“I’ve been looking for room for expansion for 3 or 4 years,” Guerrilla Games CEO Hermen Hulst told Het Parool. “That’s frequency probable in Amsterdam, that will be a bottom for Guerrilla.”

“For 10 years we do not have to worry about a accommodation anymore.”

Hulst went on to contend a new bureau will incited “into a palace,” filed with statues of Guerrilla diversion characters, and a community space will take adult a greatest building (thanks, Push Square).

Five floors will really yield copiousness of room for a stream 250 stream staffers – and a 400 employees a studio is looking to hire.

“After Horizon Zero Dawn, we are accelerating, a best talents are entrance to us, and final month we have already hired 9 new people,” pronounced Hulst.

“But we also indispensable some-more space for a sound and suit tracking studios. We have worked on Horizon for 6.5 years, that is exceptional, [but] we wish to recover games in a dual or 3 years, both new titles and games formed on existent titles.”

Thanks, RhubarbForFingers.

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