Horizon Zero Dawn Studio Hires Talent From Rainbow Six Siege Dev

Guerrilla Games appears to be staffing adult for a new project, and we might have some thought of a instruction from a talent it’s been acquiring. The studio has brought on some of a leads behind Rainbow Six Siege, that could advise it’s eyeing multiplayer for a subsequent game.

Push Square reports that Guerrilla hired Simon Larouche in February, a diversion executive behind Siege and a Guerrilla maestro from his work on Killzone 2. Chris Lee, who served as an online and multiplayer engineer for Siege, has also been brought on by Guerrilla as a principal diversion designer.

Guerrilla had been famous mostly for a work on a Killzone authorization before Horizon Zero Dawn. Killzone aligns flattering orderly with a talent from Siege, if a studio is operative on a new installment. It might be that a studio is bringing behind Killzone, that a subsequent Horizon diversion will have multiplayer, or something else entirely.

Horizon was a bona fide strike for Sony and Guerrilla, and was followed adult by The Frozen Wilds DLC expansion final year. The dermatitis star of a game, Aloy, perceived an loyalty from Capcom in a form of Monster Hunter World DLC. Meanwhile a studio is partnering with Hideo Kojima for use of a Horizon engine in Death Stranding.

In July, Guerrilla art executive Jan Bart outpost Beek tweeted a studio is moving, with an trustworthy article observant that a incomparable studio space will concede it to enhance to a vast pool of permanent employees. It seems a studio has large plans.

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