Horizon Zero Dawn players have racked adult some engaging stats over a past year

Horizon Zero Dawn players have been on a murdering and collecting debauch in a game.

Horizon Zero Dawn was expelled one year ago on Feb 28 and has changed 7.6 million copies worldwide.

In gripping with total in a millions, according to an infographic expelled by Guerrilla Games, Horizon Zero Dawn players have killed 18.2 million Thunderjaw kills.

They have also dispatched 15.9 million Bellowbacks, and 20.9 million Sawtooth.

Players have overridden 51 million Watchers, 57.5 million Striders, and 35.1 million Broadhead.

One of a biggest total pertains to Shards: 194 billion have been collected so far.

There are copiousness of other fun pieces of math posted in a Horizon Zero Dawn infographic below. Give it demeanour to see how we might have contributed.

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