Horizon Zero Dawn PC chronicle won’t have FOV slider

The arriving PC chronicle of Horizon Zero Dawn will be blank a underline customary in many games today.

It’s been useful gripping an eye on a Horizon Zero Dawn Steam forums. If you’re happy to demeanour past a common console fight bullshit, we might find an central answer or dual from developer Guerrilla Games.

On a same forums, Guerrilla formerly reliable ultra-wide support for a game. This week, however, a developer suggested a bit of bad news.

Community manager, Anne outpost der Zanden, replied to a thread about a probability of an FOV slider by confirming that a PC chronicle of Horizon Zero Dawn will not have one. Though she did contend a diversion will offer “several ways to customise your settings.”

“We will supplement several ways to customise your settings for Horizon Zero Dawn for PC,” she wrote. “However, we feel that changing a FOV compromises a strange Horizon Zero Dawn knowledge and visible character too much, so we will not be means to change this.”

This will expected defect many, generally given a game’s support for ultra-wide resolutions. That said, Horizon Zero Dawn’s PS4 FOV was sincerely wide, so it might usually be a problem for players with suit sickness.

In any case, we do wish Guerrilla will be prepared to exhibit some-more about a PC chronicle earlier rather than later.

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