Horizon Zero Dawn PC chronicle will be blank one pivotal feature

Last week, Sony done a whopper of an proclamation by confirming that Horizon Zero Dawn will be streamer to PC this summer. In a PS4 era, Sony has generally been really protecting of a disdainful games, and while there’s no denote that Horizon Zero Dawn will be followed by other exclusives like God of War or Marvel’s Spider-Man, a fact that a Sony-made PS4 disdainful is entrance to PC during all is a large deal.

Unfortunately, it seems that Horizon Zero Dawn will be nearing on PC though a pivotal feature: tractable field-of-view. While Guerilla Games village manager Anne outpost der Zanden says that a PC pier will offer “several” customization options, a ability to change a FOV won’t be one of them.

“We will supplement several ways to customize your settings for Horizon Zero Dawn for PC,” outpost der Zanden wrote on a Steam forums. “However, we feel that changing a FOV compromises a strange Horizon Zero Dawn knowledge and visible character too much, so we will not be means to change this.”

Adjustable FOV is a singular thing to see in console games, though among a PC crowd, it’s mostly deliberate an essential underline given PC players tend to lay most closer to their displays than console players do. A tiny field-of-view, like we mostly seen in console games, can infrequently means suit illness among PC players, so tractable field-of-view is deliberate essential by many.

Guerilla has also reliable that Horizon Zero Dawn will support ultrawide monitors on PC, though though a customizable field-of-view, that competence be a bittersweet proclamation for some ultrawide players. We’ll see if Guerrilla changes a balance after adequate people protest about it, though for now, don’t design to see an FOV slider in Horizon Zero Dawn‘s options.

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