Horizon Zero Dawn gets easier ‘Story Mode’ difficulty

A new patch for Horizon Zero Dawn aims to make a diversion permitted to some-more players. As partial of a patch, players will now have entrance to a new, easier problem environment that allows them to concentration some-more on a game’s story and scrutiny than on quarrel and survival.

The aptly named Story Mode problem “boosts a player-inflicted repairs and reduces a player-received repairs considerably, creation a quarrel encounters docile for reduction gifted players,” Guerrilla Games village manager Jeroen Roding wrote on a PlayStation Blog.

“It is a wish that a new problem environment will assistance us acquire some-more players into Aloy’s query to learn her temperament and a mysteries of a universe she inhabits,” Roding said.

Patch 1.32 follows a recent release of another problem environment for Horizon Zero Dawn: Ultra Hard. Guerrilla gave players a choice to quarrel opposite smarter, worse enemies in Horizon Zero Dawn with patch 1.30 in July.

The game’s latest patch also fixes a handful of bugs, that we can review about in Guerrilla’s patch notes.

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