Horizon Zero Dawn Game of a Year Edition Leaked Through Play Asia

Play Asia appears to have leaked a Game of a Year book for Horizon Zero Dawn for a PS4. This trickle shouldn’t come as a warn given a diversion is removing a initial vital story DLC enlargement called The Frozen Wilds set to launch this November.

While there is no central proclamation for a Game of a Year book of Horizon Zero Dawn, it was apparently listed by Play Asia before they took down a listing for a game. Although it still appears in a games territory on Play Asia as seen in a picture below. Clicking on it leads to a page not found error.

The cost for this book was listed as $49.99 that also includes a initial story DLC if this is deliberate a decisive book of a game. Horizon Zero Dawn was expelled this Feb exclusively for a PS4. The diversion has perceived a good vicious accepting and sole by some-more than 3 million copies after some-more than a month of release. It was one of a fastest offered new IP from Guerrilla Games.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open universe movement RPG featuring a post baleful universe where amiability faces annihilation after a arise of synthetic machines. The diversion was grown on a Decime Engine by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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