Horizon Zero Dawn Devs Begin Work on Next Game


Given a overwhelming success Guerrilla Games gifted with their latest pretension Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s no warn that a group is operative tough already on their subsequent project. We don’t know accurately what the diversion is, usually that their website and career focus apportionment is unexpected sepulchral with opportunities.

Could this be a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel? It’s possible, yet a developers have left behind and onward in a past about what’s subsequent in their line of sight. Many, like myself, were preoccupied by a story of Aloy and her tour of self-discovery, universe revelations, and a change between male and machine. To see a second diversion after a stirring enlargement set in a most colder climate, it would be illusory to see where a protagonist’s subsequent tour takes her. Or who knows? It could be an wholly new protagonist all together, or not another Horizon game altogether!

Our indicate is that it’s all conjecture during this point. Literally all that we are going off of is that we have an violent volume of pursuit listings unexpected entrance available. That arrange of pierce doesn’t go unnoticed, generally for those anxiously accessible what’s next.

Interested in burst starting your career in a gaming industry? You can check out their full list of jobs accessible right here. For some-more about a team, according to their website:

“Guerrilla is one of Europe’s heading diversion growth companies and a wholly-owned auxiliary of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. We started in 2000, and have pushed a bounds of technical and artistic value in a games ever since.


Today, we occupy some-more than 200 professionals from 25 opposite nationalities. We are located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands — a good place to work and play.”

The group is impossibly gifted as distant as what they have to offer in a gaming experience, including how versatile they are! The studio obliged for a Killzone series were scoffed during when they initial announced Horizon Zero Dawn because of how vastly opposite it was from their prior projects. But it not usually did well, it over exceeded expectations. To see them lift that off, it’s vehement to know that even some-more is on a way!

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