Horizon: Zero Dawn Developer Expands, Working On ‘New and Existing’ Franchises

Guerrilla Games

Horizon: Zero Dawn has spin an measureless success for a growth group during Guerrilla Games, selling millions of copies and apropos one of a many renouned PlayStation 4 games ever. So it shouldn’t be a warn afterwards that a developers are creation a pierce to something bigger.

The association recently reliable that it’s set to pierce into a new five-floor bureau subsequent year, one located in a former Telegraaf bureau with 7,300 block meters of space. That means a lot of room for suit capture, programming, a works. It can residence over 400 employees, nonetheless a developer usually has 250 during a moment. No doubt it’ll be expanding really soon.

But what’s more, handling executive Hermen Hulst, speaking with Het Parool, hinted that there are large things to come from Guerrilla. “After Horizon: Zero Dawn, we are accelerating, a best talents are entrance to us, and final month we have already hired 9 new people, though we also indispensable some-more space for a sound and suit tracking studios,” he said. “We have worked during Horizon for 6.5 years, that is exceptional: we wish to recover games in a dual or 3 years, both new titles and games formed on existent titles.” Though no specific franchises were mentioned, it sounds like a team’s tough during work on a Horizon follow-up — and maybe even something from a Killzone array as well. (That’s a authorization a developer done favorite before it tackled a desirous open-world PS4 adventure. By a way, go check out Killzone 3.)

That said, there is some slight regard that a team’s enlargement might have them pierce to another area outward of Amsterdam. “My fear was always that we would have to leave a city, though Amsterdam is partial of a identity,” he said. “This is where we came into existence and we have always been in a aspiration to be a best diversion association in a world.” We’ll have to see where they finish up.

Most of a tip building will be indifferent as community space, nonetheless there will be statues formed on some of a company’s many renouned characters, including Horizon’s Aloy. “We’re going to spin it into a palace,” he said.


Good fitness to a association on their move. Now then…when can we design this Horizon: Zero Dawn follow-up…?

You can play a strange Horizon now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

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