Horizon Zero Dawn Dev Is Working On Another Open World Character Action Game

Guerrilla Games are a developer for Horizon Zero Dawn and they seem to be operative on another open universe impression movement diversion that sounds in identical capillary to Horizon Zero Dawn, their initial open universe movement RPG. While it is too early to assume their subsequent project, it won’t be startling to see them continue with a Horizon Zero Dawn IP after it finished adult being a vital success worldwide.

There are a ton of pursuit listings on a central Guerrilla Games website and skimming by them confirms that their subsequent plan competence be an open universe game. Their pursuit inventory for a comparison query engineer requires a dedicated developer that will assistance to emanate “ground-breaking, innovative gameplay practice that douse a actor in a story.”

They are also looking for a fight engineer for holding “character movement fight mechanics for a genre to a new level.”

It took Guerrilla Games around 5 years to work on and recover Horizon Zero Dawn so if we go by a same time frame, it is not startling to see if a diversion ends adult being expelled for a PS5. That said, it is also really expected that this is not a usually plan that they have now in prolongation so they competence have other things to uncover down a line.

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