Horizon Zero Dawn dev Guerrilla hires 2 Rainbow Six Siege designers

The subsequent diversion from Killzone, and Horizon Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games is already looking sparkling interjection to dual pivotal new hires.

Guerrilla Games, whose new success with Horizon Zero Dawn allowed it to enhance into a new bureau space, is now operative on a new project.

Though a studio’s subsequent diversion hasn’t been announced, Guerrilla done dual new hires that have people talking. Simon Larouche, former Guerrilla himself, left to join Ubisoft and work on Rainbow Six Siege in 2009.

Larouche returned progressing this year to Guerrilla, armed with a multiplayer imagination from operative on one of a many renouned games today.

Then, some-more recently, Chris Lee assimilated a team. Lee too has worked on a Rainbow Six Siege group as an online and multiplayer designer, and like Larouche, he’s operative on Guerrilla’s subsequent game.

The diversion is simply referred to as “Secret Game is Secret!” on both of their LinedIn pages. Of course, Guerrilla never strictly pronounced what a subsequent plan is going to be.

It’s probable a subsequent Horizon Zero Dawn will have a multiplayer member that requires this kind of imagination in a genre. There’s also a probability Killzone could be set for a resurgence subsequent era as a tactical shooter. The some-more sparkling awaiting is of march it being a totally new IP.

Perhaps Guerrilla is vast adequate currently to means dual teams and some-more than one project, though it’s tough to contend during this stage.

Thanks, ResetEra.

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