Horizon Zero Dawn adds New Game Plus mode and ‘Ultra Hard’ difficulty

Guerrilla Games’ patch 1.30 for Horizon Zero Dawn is available to download today, introducing a “highly anticipated” New Game Plus mode.

“With New Game+ we will be means to relive a adventures of Aloy though losing your impression course and your collected inventory,” Guerrilla village manager Jeroen Roding associated in a post on a PlayStation Blog. “You won’t be means to swell over a turn top of 50, though we can still collect XP during your adventure.”

When starting a New Game Plus run, players will be given a choice to adjust a problem of their new playthrough, adult to a code new environment of “Ultra Hard.” In Ultra Hard games, machines will be smarter, have extended senses, and actor health metamorphosis will be limited, as good as “other … smaller tweaks.” After selecting Ultra Hard during a start of their run, players will not be means to revoke a problem during a diversion — so, machine-killers beware.

Regardless of difficulty, New Game Plus runs will clear dual new trophies for Horizon Zero Dawn, a ability to select face paint and swap Focus designs for a game’s lead character, Aloy, as good as modernized weaponry and armor for her — with cost tags to match.

Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Horizon’s initial story DLC, “The Frozen Wilds,” was announced during E3 final month. It is approaching to dump someday after this year, and until then, New Game Plus will expected offer as a tantalizing approach for fans to stay occupied.

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