Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and Bloodborne 2 presumably leaked for E3 2018 …

As we get closer to E3 2018, a leaks continue. This time, it seems dual large Sony exclusives might have been leaked. There are rumors going around that there will be warn proclamation for Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and Bloodborne 2 during this year’s Sony E3 Conference.

According to Polygon, Sony might have a few surprises for us during their E3 conference. One of a rumors mentioned a probable supplement to Horizon Zero Dawn and Bloodborne. There is no other information expelled during this time. Horizon Zero Dawn expelled in Feb 2017 and Bloodborne expelled behind in Mar 2015. It is really critical to note that these are only rumors for now. Whether they spin out loyal or not is unknown. We will only have to wait compartment E3 that starts subsequent weekend. Until then, take this square of news with a pellet of salt.

It is also critical that Sony has already suggested their skeleton for E3 2018. Instead of their normal approach, they are going to do low dives on 4 arriving exclusives. Those exclusives are Last of Us Part 2, Spider-Man, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima. This might immediately discharge this rumors though as formerly mentioned, maybe Sony is looking to have some warn announcements. What would we wish from Horizon Zero Dawn 2 or Bloodborne 2? For anything else E3 2018 or gaming related, stay tuned to us here during Gamer Professionals.

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